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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

10 Restaurants to Find Your Fall Flavors

It’s the season where the breeze begins to chill and the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin hangs in the air. The streets of Milledgeville offer seasonal delicacies in our locally owned restaurants, bars and bakeries. There is everything from warm, crispy apple pie to seasoned soups and pumpkin ales to…

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Meet Hope's Kreation Bakery

We know a place where creativity meets taste and the smell of freshly baked goodies hangs in the air! Just outside of downtown Milledgeville is Hope’s Kreation Bakery and let’s just say, when your sweet tooth is calling, they know how to answer. An intimate atmosphere with tasty food and mouth…

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Outdoor Dining in Milly

Longing to experience the cheerful downtown atmosphere while enjoying the fresh open air and a wide variety of local cuisine? Restaurants in downtown Milledgeville offer a safe and charming outdoor environment for you to enjoy with your friends and family -- sidewalk dining has exploded! Sit under…

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Meet Dairy Lane

Milledgeville is abuzz with talk of the city’s newest locally-owned restaurant addition, Dairy Lane. Well-known regionally, Dairy Lane’s original location has been a favorite hot spot in our neighboring community of Sandersville since 1953. Famous for their cheeseburgers and ice cream, Dairy Lane…

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Best Dining in Downtown

There’s no better way to truly get to know a town than by sampling it’s food. We already know that Milledgeville has the best local food in Georgia, but we want you to experience that for yourself. Explore Milledgeville through your taste buds and learn how to eat like a local by following this…

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Meet Taste and See: New Vegan Restaurant

It’s an exciting time here in Milledgeville as we welcome our first vegan restaurant, Taste and See! This plant-based eatery serves delectable food for people seeking healthy living. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy this food--everyone is welcome! Two brothers, who have a passion for living a…

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Best Day Back

Have you been dreaming of venturing out and spending the best day ever in Milledgeville? We know we have! Our Instagram followers voted on how they would plan to spend their best day back in their favorite charming small town. They selected their best Milledgeville experiences, tastes and sites and…

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Tastiest Tacos

Cinco de Mayo is falling on a Taco Tuesday this year and we are already dreaming of all the delicious tacos we will consume! With so many tasty tacos to choose from in Milledgeville, we aren’t going to let social distancing hold us back from the food we love. The silver lining of ordering curbside…

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You don’t have to break your wallet to have a great time in Milledgeville. From outdoor adventures to a drink at the bar, there are so many local locations perfect for saving you money without sacrificing your experience. Check out our top ten favorite spots that will make your visit memorable and…

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