Central State Rivers Prison Exterior in Milledgeville


The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act is Administered by The Georgia Film Office.  Click here for detailed information.

Georgia Tax Incentive Highlights:

20-30% Tax Credit

  • 20% base transferable tax credit + additional 10% for inclusion of Georgia promotional logo in titles or credits
  • $500 K minimum spent to qualify
  • No limits or caps on Georgia spend, no sunset clause
  • Both resident and non-resident workers' payrolls and standard fringes qualify
  • No salary cap on individuals paid by 1099, personal service contract or loan out
  • Travel and insurance qualify if purchased through a Georgia headquartered company
  • Original music scoring in Georgia for projects produced in Georgia qualifies
  • Post production of filmed-in-Georgia movies and television projects qualifies
  • Video game development in Georgia qualifies
  • Production expenditures must be made in Georgia to qualify