Brown-Stetson-Sanford House
Sarah Bio
Sarah Allen

Sarah is a senior at Georgia College finishing her degree in Mass Communication. She loves to write, travel and explore new places. Her favorite things to do in Milledgeville include going to Metropolis Cafe with friends and relaxing with a good book at Blackbird.

5 Bachelor Party Ideas

Milledgeville is the perfect location for creating a fun and memorable bachelor party. With a wedding just around the corner, enjoy a weekend full of fun activities, relaxation, and time with friends…

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Art & Culture on a Budget

During your visit to Milledgeville, immerse yourself in our towns vibrant art and culture all which can be experienced within your budget! Milledgeville has historic homes, museums, and more to explore. John Marlor Art Center The John Marlor Art Center is part of the Allied Arts Center and houses…

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Day Trip Under $30

Are you looking for fun activities to do this summer but want to save some money? For your next day trip, come to Milledgville to make the most out of your budget while enjoying your adventures…

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Patio Season Is Here!

As summer kicks off here in Milledgeville, the time has finally come to find your favorite local patio spot! Whether you are looking to hang out and enjoy a quick bite for lunch or dinner with the…

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