Brown-Stetson-Sanford House
Maegan Intern

Maegan is a senior Mass Communication major at Georgia College, finishing up her credits with an Internship at Milledgeville’s CVB. She enjoys going to shows, and eating mac & cheese.

Small Town, Small Business

As you meander down the charming streets of Milly, you will certainly be presented with an eclectic variety of small businesses such as, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, bakeries and yoga studios. Each…

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Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

Within this transitional period between seasons comes an uncertainty in the weather we experience in Milledgeville from a day to day basis. However, this varying meteorological dynamic should not…

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A day of cheese? Yes please.

Could there be a day more filled of cheese and joy than February 9th? Possibly, but also probably not. Today is the day we take the time to celebrate one of the universal pleasures of our world…

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Celebrating Black History Month

February marks the beginning of Black History Month, a month dedicated to remembering the achievements and contributions of African-Americans throughout our rich history in the United States…

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