Within this transitional period between seasons comes an uncertainty in the weather we experience in Milledgeville from a day to day basis. However, this varying meteorological dynamic should not put a damper on any plans you may have to make a date with Milly. Despite the rain outside, Milledgeville is still rich in history, and activities that you can fill your day with.

Take some time to read this list and plan out your next trip to Milledgeville, rain or no rain.  

Keep warm with a cup of coffee

A staple location to visit in Milledgeville despite the weather is local coffee shop Blackbird. This cafe is particularly charming listening to the calming notes of rain bouncing off the streets of Downtown Milledgeville while sipping on your preferred choice of hot beverage. And don’t be afraid of ordering one of their GIANT cookies, you can do it. I promise.

{Photo courtesy of Instagram user @blackbirdmilly}

Take the historic trolley tour

Rain or sun, Milly, our treasured trolley, will be ready and waiting to take you on a historic trip around Milledgeville. Leaving at 10 a.m. Monday- Friday and 11 a.m. on Saturday, this two hour tour will leave you filled to the brim with the rich history that established the Milledgeville we know and love to this day.

{Photo courtesy of Instagram user @milledgevillega}

Tour the Old Governor’s Mansion

Get some shelter from the rain by taking a tour around the Old Governor’s Mansion. You’ll be able to appreciate the beautiful interior and extensive history of this Mansion while keeping dry at the same time. The Governor’s Mansion does tours on the hour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. so make sure to free up some space in your itinerary for this special item.

{Photo courtesy of Instagram user @ga_ogm}

Visit our local library

What better companion to the rain than a good book. Mary Vinson Memorial Library has a grand collection of literature for all. With rooms specific to age such as the children’s department or the young adult room, everyone in your party can feel at home with their favorite book, or maybe even a new discovery.

Chow down in Downtown  

And of course, regardless of the weather, there’s always time to grab a bite to eat in one of our wonderful restaurants in Downtown Milledgeville. If you’re in the mood for some soups and salads, stop by Cravings and check out their soup of the day. If pizza is on your mind, The Brick and Amici’s are local favorites for satisfying that craving. Grab an All American Burger from The Velvet Elvis Grille, or the classic Buff Burger from Buffington's. Perhaps you’d like to transport your taste buds to another country by trying some dishes from restaurants such as Metropolis, Gringos, or Kuroshima. Whatever your choice is, it’ll be a good one.