Could there be a day more filled of cheese and joy than February 9th?

Possibly, but also probably not. Today is the day we take the time to celebrate one of the universal pleasures of our world, pizza. Here in Milledgeville, we have a variety of restaurants that can offer us the pizza of our dreams.

To those who are not great friends with cheese and dairy products alike, do not fret. There’s always the option of building your own pizza, and skipping the cheese. So stick around and take a look at this list of our delectable pizza joints in Milly.


If you’re looking for the whole pizza, or maybe just a slice, Amici’s has something for you. If you tend to default to a cheese or pepperoni pizza, take a step out of your comfort zone and indulge in the locals favorite, the popular Buffalo Chicken. If you’re not invested in an entire pizza, order one of their gourmet slices with a variety of fresh toppings to choose from. If you’re unable to eat gluten, Amici’s has gluten-free options just for you, so don’t worry about missing out on their mouth-watering pizza. Don’t forget to ask about their monthly specials because every month there’s something new to look forward to. And if you were wondering, this month’s special is the Chicken Parmesan, so make sure to take some time to treat yourself. Located at the corner of W. Hancock and N. Wayne makes this pizza joint in the heart of Downtown Milly.

The Brick

Now let’s cross the street to The Brick, known for their thinner crust and exciting pizzas such as the Cannibal, the Environmentally Correct, the Great Steak, and the California BLT. All of their pizza options, including their speciality pizzas, can be sold either as a slice, pizza, or even a calzone. However, this is National Pizza Day we’re celebrating so that’s enough about calzones. If you desire to create your own pizza, The Brick has delicious toppings including artichoke heart, sun dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, and anything that will make your tummy happy. With dough made fresh daily, it’s almost impossible to say no to a trip to The Brick. Take a stroll down W. Hancock street to come across this local favorite to grab some lunch or dinner with some good pizza.


Biba’s Italian Restaurant

Around 15 minutes from Downtown Milledgeville, located next to Kroger, Biba’s will be there to satisfy your hunger with their delicious pizzas. Each of their pizza’s are just a little slice of Italy with specialties such as the Pesto Pizza, the homemade Stromboli, and the Bianco White Pizza. If you want to try something different, ask for their Italian Stuffed Pie, a covered pizza stuffed with meats, cheese, and a touch of sauce. And as an extra treat, all entrees come with unlimited garlic rolls (just incase the covered pizza isn’t enough).