Discover the ultimate summer adventure in Milledgeville, Georgia! From sailing the glistening waters of Lake Sinclair to biking through the picturesque Bartram Forest, and savoring unbeatable eggs benedict at The Local Yolkal, immerse yourself in outdoor thrills, culinary delights, and local charm.

Lake Sinclair- 2023

1. Sail Around on the Glistening Waters of Lake Sinclair 

Summers are known to get a little warm in the South. The best cure for summer heat is the rushing breezes of Lake Sinclair as you're cruising across the water on a boat. Lake Sinclair is 15,300 acres of coves and open waters. It is a family-friendly lake with easy access to fishing spots, swimming beaches, scenic views, and places to camp. Looking for a place to rent a boat? Try out one of our area marinas

Cyclist at Selma Erwin

2. Bike through Bartram Forest

Queue up your favorite song put your headphones in, and get ready to let your pedals do the talking. Located only a few miles outside of Milledgeville, Bartram Forest is full of winding trails, pine trees that touch the sky, and trickling creeks. The trails are perfect for biking, jogging, or simply just taking a walk, but our favorite method of travel through Bartram is on a bike.  

Kayaking Oconee River Greenway

3. Paddle the Oconee River

The rushing waters of the Oconee River are beautiful, but they are even more beautiful when you’re flowing in it. Kayaking down the Oconee River is one of those activities that is sure to bring peace to your inner soul. The Oconee River Greenway offers a boat ramp with easy access to the river. Don’t have a kayak? No worries! Check out Oconee Outfitters, or Mac’s Yak Kayak Rental. Trust us, your summer will not be complete until you’ve made it down the Oconee River. And if you aren't looking to get wet, the Greenway offers miles of paved trails for bicycling, tricycling, walking, and blowing bubbles!

Greene's Plates

4. Try Modern Farmhouse Food at Greene's

During your ultimate summer escape to Milledgeville, Georgia, make sure Greene's Farmhouse Foods is on your list of must-visit spots! This charming eatery in the heart of downtown invites you to customize your dining experience with a delightful array of bases, sides, and proteins. With extended hours including breakfast and lunch on weekdays, and brunch on Sundays, Greene's is your destination for delicious Southern comfort food during your adventures.

Local Yolkal

5. Savor Unbeatable Eggs Benedict

You might think you’ve had the best eggs benedict… that is until you taste the eggs benedict at The Local Yolkal. You’ll thank us for the recommendation as you sample this tasty breakfast which comes in seven different varieties and was named one of the best plates “Locals Love” in Georgia! Located in Downtown Milledgeville, Local Yolkal offers all the breakfast and brunch options that your heart could desire. We’ll raise our mimosa to that! 

Baked Goods- Morning Grind

6. Get a Caffeine Boost

Morning Grind is located adjacent to Georgia College’s Main Campus. Their cozy, relaxing space offers indoor and outdoor dining to enjoy their specialty creations like Thunder Thirst, KP’s Blend, and more. They also have a variety of baked goods and sandwiches that periodically cycle into the menu. Convenient to shopping in downtown Milledgeville, Blackbird Coffee roasts its coffee in-house and has a menu sure to satisfy even the pickiest of coffee lovers. Try an iced vanilla latte or a berry pom’ade (for non-coffee lovers) from this rustic local favorite.  

Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion

7. Stroll the Historic District

Throw on your comfiest walking shoes, because the best way to experience Milledgeville is on foot. There are sights you simply would not be able to soak up if you were in the car. Grab a self-guided historic walking brochure at the Milledgeville Visitor’s Center and get ready to engulf the breathtaking beauty of over 40 historic homes.Be sure to snap a selfie with one of Milledgeville’s greatest architectural gems, Georgia’s Old Governor's Mansion or Georgia's Old State Capital Building. The grand size and towering columns of these buildings will make you feel so small! 

family picnic at Lockerly Arboretum

8. Picnic by the Pond

Want to switch up your usual lunch routine? Here’s an idea… pack your favorites or pick up take-out from one of Downtown Milledgeville’s mouth-watering restaurants and bring it for a picnic at Lockerly Arboretum. Lockerly is the perfect place for you to sit back and relax in a shady picnic spot on over 50 beautiful acres. If your kids are in tow, Lockerly has room to roam and the one-mile main trail loop is completely paved. Check out our kid-reviewed Mini-Adventure of Lockerly Arboretum. 

Comfort Farms

9. Try Locally Sourced Goods

Discover the essence of local flavor at Comfort Farms Farmers Market, held on select Saturdays, where visitors can shop for locally sourced meat, and vegetables, and enjoy farm-fresh meals prepared onsite. Explore Milly Farmer's Market, a bustling farmers market in downtown Milledgeville, open on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month, featuring booths showcasing items from local artisans, farmers, and makers. For a daily dose of locally sourced goods and homemade meals, stop by Huff's Market along Highway 49, just west of Milledgeville, offering a wide selection of products and serves up delicious homemade lunch and dinner options.

Fishing on Lake Sinclair

10. Cast Your Rod

Satisfy your fisher’s soul by reeling in a big one at Rocky Creek Park. Rocky Creek Park is located on Lake Sinclair and has so much to offer.  A boat ramp, picnic area, a walking trail, and banks to fish from are available to the public from the second entrance - all you need to catch a big one! From the main entrance, the entire park offers a shaded pavilion, vending machines, restrooms, grills, a swimming beach, and a playground, as well as a fishing pier. If you’re fishing for largemouth bass, channel catfish, black crappie, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, and so much more then Rocky Creek Park is exactly the place where you want to be. Rocky Creek Park is open daily to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. There is a $5 parking fee.

Avanti's Cupcakes2

11. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Indulge in a sweet escape at Avanti's Sweet Treats and More in Milledgeville, GA, where local baker Shamada Hightower, also known as "Avanti," crafts delightful cheesecakes, cookies, and brownies with a unique twist. From funky cheesecakes to big soft cookies in innovative flavors like banana pudding and strawberry crunch, and pineapple-upside down cake, there's something to satisfy every sweet craving. Don't miss out on their best-selling strawberry crunch cheesecake or the tantalizing crunchy candied fruit, alongside lunch options like chicken salad plates and fresh salads, making Avanti's a must-stop spot for a delicious summer treat during your vacation to Milledgeville.  

Market Collective Shopping

12. Shop for Local Goodies

Pick up souvenirs, stylish clothing items, unique decor pieces and great antique finds all within walking distance from each other in the heart of Milledgeville’s Downtown District. Looking for clothing and accessories? Firefly Boutique, Miles of Styles, and Southern Roots offer fashionable pieces at great prices. If you want to go hunting for antiques, Auntie Bellum Antiques has an incredible selection of unique items. Need a souvenir or a gift for someone special? Eclectic and Market Collective offer a wide selection of decorations, accessories, and other amazing finds. 

Natural History Museum

13. Explore the Georgia College Campus

Founded in 1889, Georgia College and State University’s campus has 43 acres of beautiful architecture and land. Stretch out on their front campus with plenty of shade and gorgeous greenery, and explore their building's history and architectural design. Also on Campus, stop by the Natural History Museum at Georgia College and explore the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras. 

Margarita at Bollywood

14. Sip on a Margarita at Bollywood Tacos

Step into downtown Milledgeville and dive into a culinary fusion at Bollywood Tacos, where Mexican zest meets Indian spice. Savor tantalizing tacos like Mahi Mahi or Chipotle Cauliflower, followed by savory starters and innovative BollyKicks creations. Complete the experience by enjoying a flavorful specialty margarita on the sidewalk seating, where refreshing flavors like mango, jalapeño, or tamarind add an extra layer of delight to your summer visit at Bollywood Tacos. 

Lake woman

15. Rest Your Head

Remember the joy of long, lazy summer days as a kid? Make this summer just as memorable by taking the time to wind down with family and close friends with a leisurely retreat. Choose from our selection of Hotels, spacious Campgrounds, and RV Parks or one of our spacious vacation rentals to make lasting memories. Whether you enjoy lakeside sunsets, charming historic homes, or scenic country views, Milledgeville has the perfect accommodations all suited to your travel style and situated to help you explore. Get ready to take in a new view!

Whether you're casting your rod at Rocky Creek Park, satisfying your sweet tooth at Avanti's Sweet Treats, or shopping for unique finds in downtown boutiques, Milledgeville offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. So, pack your bags, plan your itinerary, and get ready to create lasting memories in this charming Southern town.