Georgia's Old Capitol Building

  • 201 East Greene Street
    Milledgeville, GA 31061



Milledgeville was designated as the new Capital of Georgia in 1803 and the highest point in the city was reserved for the Statehouse Square. In 1805 construction began and The Old Capitol Building became the first public building ever designed in the United States in the Gothic Revival style. Significant expansions were added to the building with north and south wings built c. 1828 and 1834. The work was directed by architect Henry Hamilton, who added the crenellations and a plaster skin. The beautiful east and west porticoes with their granite steps were added in 1835, completing the building to the appearance it maintains today. It served as the seat of government for the State of Georgia from 1807 to 1868, hosting the state’s Secession Convention in early 1861. Since 1879, Georgia Military College has occupied the historic site.  The building underwent a $10 million renovation in 2000.