The Sanford House in Milledgeville
Hannah Baumgarten

Meet Hannah. Hannah is a senior Mass Communication student at Georgia College, where she will graduate from in May 2016. She is a dog mom to her sweet rescue, Rocko, coffee addict, foodie and overall lover of fun. You can usually find Hannah working at Gringo’s Taqueria in downtown Milledgeville, running around with Rocko at the Oconee River Greenway or, most likely, licking an ice-cream cone outside of Sweettreats. Hannah has been writing for the Milledgeville CVB since January of 2015 and has loved diving into the amazing history and culture of Milledgeville. She hopes you enjoy reading her blogs just as much as she enjoys writing them! To check Hannah out on her personal social media accounts visit: 

Instagram: @h_baummie

Twitter: @hbaummie

It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

Congratulations to our Milledgeville CVB Blogger Hannah on graduation from Georgia College. She has a bright future ahead of her. We are proud of the grace she has shown and the skills she has provided us. Best of luck and we better see you later! My time in Milledgeville has been short but…

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Milledgeville is for (Book) Lovers

From benches surrounded by beautiful, overhanging trees to campuses full of student life, Milledgeville is a great place to put your feet up and enjoy a book. Whether an outside scene is your cup of tea or sipping a cup of tea while reading is more your style, there’s always a cozy spot to dive into…

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Quirky Milledgeville

Milledgeville has been a bit rebellious in the past, but always had classic beauty and her attraction is undeniable. Milledgeville is quirky and that's just one reason we love her. Here are 6 quirks that make her so fascinating! Guinness Book of World Records Milledgeville is the only city in…

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Walking After Midnight

Ever wanted to wander through Memory Hill Cemetery? Now you can with their self guided walking tour and new smartphone walking tour! Step into the pavilion at the entrance and pick up a map to the cemetery or visit, to download the smartphone tour. Who knows what you’ll…

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Top 10 Rainy Day Activities

Wondering what to do when the rain starts pouring down in Milledgeville? Grab your umbrella and take a peek at our list of fun activities that you can do and still stay dry! Tour the Old Governor’s Mansion: The Old Governor’s Mansion is a great spot to take cover when the rain starts falling! With…

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Sunsets in Milledgeville

The Southern part of the U.S. is said to have some of the prettiest sunsets in the world. So what are you waiting for? Come check them out in Milledgeville! Here are five of our favorite locations to watch the day come to a close. Bartram Forest: Step into this beautiful oasis and see the sunset…

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10 Facts About the Old Governor's Mansion

Ten Facts about Georgia’s First Executive Residence, Georgia's Old Governor’s Mansion: Georgia's Old Governor’s Mansion is an example of High Greek Revival architecture. It was completed in 1839 by Charles Clusky, who was a noted architect and Irish immigrant. During the notorious “Sherman’s…

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Milledgevile's Oasis, Lockerly Arboretum

Birds chirping, water rippling and wildlife scurrying about: all sounds that overwhelm your ears as soon as you step onto the property of Lockerly. Entering this arboretum feels like you’re leaving Milledgeville and entering into a tranquil paradise. Lockerly is one of the best kept secrets of…

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Milledgeville: A Talented Folks City

While you may think that Milledgeville is just a small town in the middle of Georgia, we have had a lot of great, talented people come out of here. From writers, athletes, scientists and even an actor, we’ve seen it all! Flannery O’ Connor: Sitting in your high school English class, you might not…

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Your first bite reveals juice dripping down your hands. meat cooked to perfection and flavors from bacon to cheese to egg to onion dance. While in Milledgeville, there is going to be that night, one at a minimum, where you're craving a mouthwatering burger, with all the fixings. Whether you prefer…

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