From benches surrounded by beautiful, overhanging trees to campuses full of student life, Milledgeville is a great place to put your feet up and enjoy a book. Whether an outside scene is your cup of tea or sipping a cup of tea while reading is more your style, there’s always a cozy spot to dive into a new adventure. Maybe a boat trip is the perfect setting to crack open a new book and dive in, literally! Milledgeville has all of these great spots that are begging to be enjoyed. And of course, we have to talk about one of America’s greatest authors, Flannery O’ Connor, setting up residence in our town and gaining inspiration from Andalusia and the beauty that resides there. There’s always a spot to read in Milledgeville! 

Flannery O

Bartram Forest

Mary Vincent Memorial LibraryPlaces to Treat the Book Lover

Box Office Books

Mary Vinson Memorial Library

Ina Dillard Russell Library

Andalusia (for the history of Flannery O’ Connor)

Paris TroutMilledgeville Reads

Paris Trout by Pete Dexter

But for the Grace of God: Milledgeville! The Inside Story of the World’s Largest Insane Asylum by Dr. Peter G. Cranford

Milledgeville: Images of America by Dr. Amy E. Clark-Davis

Milledgeville Misfit by T.L. Gray

Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’ Connor by Brad Gooch

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Oconee River Greenway

Bartram Forest

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