Along an unassuming country road, just outside of downtown Milledgeville lies one of Milledgeville’s best kept secrets--Comfort Farms. Comfort Farms aids in the therapy of veterans suffering from PTSD and other visible disabilities while recognizing butchers, farmers, and chefs who work together throughout the growing season to prepare seasonal and delicious meals from local, sustainable and organic sources.

Jon at Comfort Farms

Jon Jackson, a veteran who served for 11 years, started the farm in honor of his dear friend, Kyle Comfort, who was killed in combat in 2010. Veterans from all over have found Comfort Farms to be a safe haven that helps them get back on their feet and reintegrate into family, society and economy. They learn skill sets in the farming industry that integrate economic profitability, environmental stewardship, and healing through the use of Agro-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and time-tested natural approaches. 

How can YOU experience this farm? Great question!

Le Pied Du Mont festival Comfort Farms


Foodies unite for the annual Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Festival which gathers 30 renowned chefs from around the globe to cultivate delicious dishes to be enjoyed by all. Hosted in mid-January, Guests witness the butchers, farmers, and chefs mastering their craft as well as further educational portions such as Heritage Day demonstrations, blacksmithing, butchering techniques, and of course numerous chef tastings. If you have a passion for good food and heritage practices, we promise you will not be disappointed!  

Comfort Farms


Tucked away on 25 acres of land off of Highway 22, Comfort Farms raises hogs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks while also cultivating heirloom seeds and seasonal vegetables grown in raised garden beds and greenhouses all for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). 

Open on select Saturdays, the Farmer’s Market is the best way for you to experience this incredible haven. Place your order ahead of time online to ensure that products and produce are available. Browse their products and stock up on some of Comfort Farms’ fresh produce including: a variety of fruit, beans, greens, herbs, onions, peppers, potatoes, squash and tomatoes! There are also fresh eggs, goat milk, and a large assortment of poultry just for your liking! Looking for locally sourced meats? Check out the beef brisket, ribeye, sirloin steak, pork butt, bacon, lamb chops, rabbit, and much much more! 

Comfort Farms


Come hungry to the farm during Farmer's Markets on select Saturdays for a tasty chef plate featuring farm-raised products and locally grown goodness! Featuring a rotating specialty chef on select Saturdays, this farm-to-table meal must be preordered online before pick up!  In the past they have had people like Chef David McClusky who is a part of the Mohawk Nation and specializes in indigenous foods from natives in the south come and prepare meals. His perfectly roasted pork shoulder basted in bourbon and sweet sorghum jus with corn mafia longhouse hominy grits, end-of-the-season squash and greens was a huge hit! Be sure to keep up with the next fresh, farm-to-table specialty meal!