The month of March is known as National Caffeine Awareness Month. For some, this may mean lowering their caffeine intake. For coffee-addicted human beings like myself, this means drinking even more of our favorite life-giving beverage.

Blackbird Coffee

The place that I go for my caffeine fix is... you guessed it- Blackbird!

When I first went to Blackbird Coffee during my freshman year at Georgia College, I knew I’d found one of my favorite places in Milly. Over the past four years, I have spent countless hours sitting in Blackbird, studying for tests, writing papers, curling up with a book, watching improv and connecting with friends. All of those things has been accompanied by the perfect cup of Blackbird coffee. Because they roast their own coffee in-house, I can always expect to enjoy the perfect drink. Not to mention the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee roasting.

Roasting at Blackbird Coffee


Blackbird Coffee Sam


Blackbird’s baristas are uniquely trained and skilled to craft drinks that you can’t find anywhere else. They’re able to turn coffee into art. We all know the secret reason we want to get coffee from Blackbird is to take a picture of our latte art.

If coffee’s not your favorite fear not, because they have loads of other options like beer, fresh smoothies, milkshakes, and ice cream and more. Don’t even get me started on those delicious giant cookies.

Blackbird CookieRecently, Blackbird has expanded into the space next door, allowing for extra seating. Once the expansion is complete, there will be two new restrooms, a bar, a performance stage and an outdoor patio, adding even more to Blackbird’s unique atmosphere and allowing for more opportunities to see the Milly’s unique culture.

Blackbird has been more than simply a place to get my caffeine fix, it has become a huge part of so many sweet memories and it adds a special flavor to our community.

I hope you up your caffeine intake this month and find your new favorite hang out spot. There’s a
99% chance I’ll be enjoying a latte there too!

Amy Blackbird Coffee