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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

3 Virtual Visits

Daydreaming about traveling? We are missing all our visitors. Today let us take you on a virtual tour of three of Milledgeville's charming historic sites: Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion, Andalusia Farm and the John Marlor Arts Center. Sit back and relax as you experience a bit of Milledgeville…

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Milledgeville Jigsaw Puzzle

Why not pass the time with a puzzle featuring your favorite small town. Enjoy these 5 digital jigsaw puzzles feature Georgia College, Lake Sinclair, 'Milly' the Trolley, Rose Hill and Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion. Georgia College & State University Campus - PLAY Georgia College is Georgia's…

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4 MORE Fantastic Fanlights

The historic districts of Milledgeville boast some of the most beautiful architecture in the country. A few weeks ago we highlighted 6 gorgeous historic home entryways featuring beautiful fanlights. In addition to homes, many of our historic commercial buildings feature the often-semicircular…

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Virtually Meet in Milledgeville

If you are missing Milledgeville, want to impress your co-workers with your beautiful hometown or perhaps your home isn't in the tidy condition you want your mother-in-law to see, consider choosing a backdrop from your favorite town for your next video chat! Executive Office at Georgia's Old…

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Visit Milledgeville from Home

We’re all feeling a bit cooped up these days! If you’re getting the urge to travel beyond the walls of your home, let us help take you on a springtime tour by bringing a little bit of Milledgeville to you. Through virtual tours, online activities, and at home delivery, you can feel a slice of Milly…

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Top 5 Places to Get Engaged in Milledgeville

For many people, asking the question is almost as important as the wedding itself. We get it, it’s stressful. First you have to make sure you and your partner are really ready, then you have to find the perfect ring, the perfect time, and the perfect place. If you’re planning a proposal and want to…

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Visit When the Time is Right (VIDEO)

This spring wasn’t what we expected. Our priorities have been shifted and our lives realigned. This spring break became a real life break where we’re all just a little bit uncertain. But we do know this ... life is still full of beauty, hope and wonder. Stay well and we look forward to welcoming you…

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6 Fantastic Fanlight Entryways

The Historic district of Milledgeville boasts some of the most beautiful homes in the country. Doorway after doorway you’re met with gorgeous entries, charming stairs, and let’s not forget beautiful fanlights. In the 1720’s, fanlights, an often-semicircular window with glazing bars or tracery sets…

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4 Ways to Make a Difference for Local Businesses

If you’re like us, it’s hard to sit on the sidelines these days without wanting to contribute and find ways to make a difference (beyond staying at home!) for the special places you love. From our new kids on the block to our iconic long-time businesses, our locally-owned business community needs…

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