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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

Spring DIY Sports

Springtime always brings memories of warm days with a light breeze, perfect for a sports fan! Milledgeville has a ton of unique sports to try if you want to get outside. Whether you want it to be a family affair, or a fun afternoon with friends, here are some of our favorite ways to get active…

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April Showers bring Milly Flowers

Earth Day is quickly approaching, and if you love getting outside and enjoying the beautiful nature, Milledgeville is the place for you. Every corner has something to offer, from beautiful oak trees and blooming flowers, to calm lakes and flowing rivers. Here are some of our favorite outdoor…

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Easter Saturday in Milledgeville

Are you spending the holiday weekend in Milly? If so, we have the perfect Saturday planned out to make your Easter weekend full of family and fun. Milledgeville is the perfect place to celebrate our favorite spring holiday because of the beautiful spring flowers and sunny weather. Yoga at the Green…

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The 5 Best Picnic Spots in Milly

Springtime is in full speed, and we are loving the beautiful sunshine, soft breezes and the blooming flowers! What better way than to enjoy a meal outside with family and friends? Here is a list of the best picnic spots in Milly. Andalusia Farm Bring some friends and a classic Flannery O’Connor…

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