Take advantage of the warmer days this season and see the essentials of downtown Milledgeville while getting your steps in for the day. This total loop will have you completing 5,000 steps with sites every few blocks and something new to see around every corner. Downtown Milledgeville is easily walkable with sidewalks and a few hills to traverse. Most of the route is shaded for part of the day and provides a cooler walk on sunny days. Please mind all roadways and stay safe throughout your stroll. 

Start at the Milledgeville Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is located at 200 W Hancock Street in downtown Milledgeville and offers free all-day parking in front of the building. Inside the building, you will find local and state of Georgia brochures as well as expert information about everything that is Milledgeville. 



After strolling downtown, you are only a block away from the Visitor Center where you parked!