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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

Catch 'em all in Milly

While PokémonGo is taking over the world, Milledgeville has a Pokémon frenzy of its own. In a town with so much history, Pokémon players are finding themselves learning new things about Milledgeville every day. Walking down the sidewalk, you can find Pokémon trainers gaining steps to hatch an egg…

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Take Me Home, Country Roads

When you drive down Milledgeville’s country roads, you can’t help but hum along to John Denver’s classic tune “Take Me Home Country Roads.” The beginning twang of the guitar just sounds like a southern summer in Milly, complemented by the sweet lyrics of the song. One of the most beautiful dirt…

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Hammock Hangouts

A great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Milledgeville is to grab your hammock and sway in the cool summer breeze. While the Georgia College students love to chill on the front lawn of the campus, more serious hammock-ers will explore Bartram Forest and the Oconee River Greenway…

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A Walk Down Liberty Street

Milledgeville is a town that has history on every corner. From noteworthy Greek revival architecture, to landmarks like the Old Governor’s mansion and Georgia College, this town has buildings with character, and Liberty Street is one of our favorite spots. Lined with historic homes, Liberty Street’s…

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