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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

Visit 5 African-American Heritage Sites

Milledgeville remembers the achievements and contributions of African-Americans throughout our rich history in the United States. Take a look at 5 ways Milledgeville played a role in making African-American history. 1. Flagg Chapel Baptist Church Renown as Milledgeville’s first African-American…

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Top 20 Things To Do in Milly in 2020

It is the start of 2020 and this year is the absolutely perfect time to visit Milledgeville! We’ve got a whole new year ahead of us and that means a whole new year of possibilities! We have so many great experiences coming up and we hope you use this blog as a checklist to get them all done. Let’s…

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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique to Milledgeville

Milledgeville is the perfect backdrop for a picturesque Southern wedding. From our iconic trolley to our spectacular locations, there’s so much you can add to your day to make it uniquely Milledgeville. Here are 6 ways to help Milledgeville leave its mark on your wedding day. 1. Ride in style…

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