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Dynamic Movement Academy Parkour

  • 571 Hammock Rd NW
    Milledgeville, GA 31061



Parkour is the art of moving rapidly (Running, Jumping, Swinging and Climbing) over, under, and through obstacles with agility and precision. At DMA they encourage their movers to dig deep within, unlocking hidden potential. They provide a foundation in which movers will focus on building their personal character. You will be challenged, however, they will not stand aside! DMA will help you grow and rise to the top, overcoming your physical and mental obstacles. With their WFPF Parkour Certified trainers and the expertise in the realm of exercise and therapy, they aim to create a positive outlet for you to love and grow. DMA instructors teach in a controlled and safe environment. They provide an area to move freely and comfortably. DMA promotes physical fitness and will strengthen you to be mentally alert. The movement programs will increase your ability to assess your environment and become more aware of your surroundings.