The Local Yolkal Cafe was recently named to Explore Georgia’s Top 100 Plates of 2019! Every year, Explore Georgia releases their list of the best dishes all over the state and we are thrilled that Local Yolkal made this year’s cut! The restaurant’s Eggs Benedict (which comes in SEVEN different variations) was featured as part of the best of the Historic Heartland region. In addition to the classic style of Eggs Benedict, you can order The Beauregard (which consists of a biscuit, sausage, and southern gravy), The Blackstone (replaces Canadian bacon with real bacon and adds a tomato), or The Hemingway (replaces Canadian bacon with fresh spinach and smoked salmon), and many more to choose from. We could go on and on about the Eggs Benedict, but there’s more than just that to love at The Local Yolkal.

Eggs Benedict at Local Yolkal

Classic Eggs Benedict at Local Yolkal

English muffin topped with Canadian style bacon, poached egg and creamy hollandaise.

After you have devoured the Benedict, here’s the top 5 (additional) dishes and drinks we recommend you enjoy at The Local Yolkal Cafe. 

You can’t go wrong:

The Capitol Breakfast at Local Yolkal


Made for those who love choices, this combo allows you to select from a variety of favorites and will leave you completely satisfied (and possibly wobbling).

Millymosa at Local Yolkal


Mimosas are classic and with 3 kinds to choose from, we suggest you start with the Millymosa, named after our town, a combination of champagne and watermelon limeade.

Cinnamon Bun French Toast Local Yolkal


This personal favorite is absolutely DELICIOUS! A cinnamon roll dipped in custard, grilled, and then topped with cream cheese icing? What’s not to love?!?

Omelette at Local Yolkal


Local Yolkal has certainly mastered the omelette. There are ELEVEN different kinds to choose from including the Western, Spanish, Quiche, and Double Meat.

chicken and waffles at local yolkal


This “Local Yolkal Favorite” includes a fluffy, Belgian waffle and crispy, hand breaded chicken tenders. There are few things better than this Southern staple!