Last month, we revealed our favorite sandwiches served along West Hancock Street - BUT, we only visited one side. NOW, join us on our venture to the other side of West Hancock to explore the tasty sandwiches they have to offer.

In our last sandwich exploration, we ditched the protein not once, but twice. However in this edition, we quickly transition into meat-lovers, so prepare for a wild ride!

 Photo Courtesy of Yelp

  1. Steak, Egg & Cheese Bagel - The Local Yolkal

Start your long day of sandwich-testing with breakfast at The Local Yolkal. Here, our favorite sandwich is the Steak, Egg & Cheese Bagel. While you can pick your own style of eggs and cheese, we recommend a classic scrambled egg with melty swiss cheese. Paired with steak and encapsulated with a bagel, you just can’t beat a breakfast sandwich like this!                       

  1. Fat Elvis Burger - Velvet Elvis

After breakfast at Local, hop next door to the Velvet Elvis to try their Fat Elvis Burger. A beef patty is mixed with Andouille sausage, then topped with blue cheese. Add all of the regular burger fix’ns to create an amazing flavor profile for this sandwich!

  1. Southern Gentleman Tacos - Gringos

Can a taco be considered a sandwich? No matter where you stand on this debate, Gringos has just the thing to satisfy your cravings (and unfortunately, they have no traditional sandwiches on their menu). Gringos’ Southern Gentleman Taco holds delicious ingredients that you wouldn’t even expect to BE in a taco! With fried chicken, bacon, pimento cheese, and even collard greens (sounds like a sandwich, right?), this taco will send your taste buds on a joyful journey. Add BBQ sauce to further enhance the deliciousness!

Photo courtesy of KNG Delivery.

  1. Grilled Chicken Czar Wrap - Amici

For our final stop on this sandwich journey through West Hancock Street, we chose Amici for their Chicken Czar Wrap. This sandwich is exactly what everyone has dreamed of - a Caesar salad accompanied by all of the yummy carbs from a tortilla wrap. We recommend the spinach wrap for an extra fresh flavor! The parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing work in harmony with the romaine to create a creamy, crunchy, delicious sandwich.

Thank you for joining us on part two of our Sandwich Journey through West Hancock Street. Again, we encourage you to follow along and try our favorites. If none of these highlighted sammies speak to you, don’t be afraid to branch out. Downtown Milledgeville’s eateries have options for ALL kinds of sandwich-lovers!

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