Wondering where to stay warm and fill up on yummy soups and sandwiches? Look no further than our top four recommendations to keep you (and your stomach) toasty this chilly time of year!

bob marley soup1. Buffington’s: You haven’t truly been to Milledgeville until you’ve tried a warm cup of Buffington’s famous Bob Marley soup. A little spice, rice and chicken makes up this customer favorite and is available in a cup, bowl or as a side item. Not sure what to pair it with? How about a yummy bacon cheddar burger or a General Sam’s Sandwich! Whether you dip, sip or mix; the Bob Marley soup is not something to pass up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.24.27 PM2. Stacked Sandwiches: Changing daily, the soups from Stacked are always delicious and pair perfectly with all of their sandwiches. Are you a classic BLT fan? Their Wicked BLT sandwich will knock your socks off. More of a spicy Thai fan? Then you can’t miss their spicy-Thai chicken salad sandwich. What makes Stacked even more unique is that all of their signature sandwiches can be salads! For soup choices, rest assured you will never be disappointed. Chicken enchilada, red pepper gouda and potato are just a few of the rotating choices at this hot sandwich spot!

3.Food3. The Brick: Another Milledgeville hit, The Brick offers a new monthly soup selection every month! February’s pick is a yummy gumbo, based off of Mardi Gras celebrations last week. The Brick offers more than just pizza also! Pair their yummy soup with a meatball grinder or maybe a jerk chicken club to give your tastebuds a kick! They also offer a creamy tomato soup year-round, and it goes great with a gooey four cheese melt.

pickle barrel (1)4. Pickle Barrel Café: A Milledgeville favorite, Pickle Barrel is known for their yummy cheesy potato soup. Whether you’re in the mood for a side, cup or bowl, your stomach will thank you for this yummy soup choice. They also offer daily soup specials that pair great with a chipotle turkey melt or an almond chicken melt. Pickle Barrel Café has an extensive menu, so there is something for everyone at this restaurant!