Whether you’re in Milledgeville for the day, weekend, or an extended stay, one thing is certain — you want to spend your time adventuring and experiencing Milly like a local. Milledgeville and the surrounding areas have so much to offer for your exploration pleasures, so we interviewed Milledgeville’s resident adventure expert to share with you an inside look into all that you need to know about exploring Milly.

Adam at Oconee Outfitters


Adam is the current part owner and president of Oconee Outfitters. Throughout his years in Milledgeville, he has spent his time immersed in the various adventures that the Middle Georgia area has to offer.

How long have you been in Milledgeville?

“I’ve lived here coming up on 15 years. Oconee Outfitters has been around for about 20 years. I got involved managing the business for previous owners in the summer of 2008 and then in the summer of 2014 I was able to, along with some business partners, purchase the business and take over it wholey. We’ve been in this location [on Wayne Street] since the spring of 2015.”

What would you consider to be your impact on the Milledgeville community?

“I’d like to think that we’re one of the main sources of fun stuff to do around here, and helping people get out and explore Milledgeville and the Middle Georgia region. I think a lot of people have the impression that because it’s a small town there’s not going to be stuff to do, but really where we’re positioned geographically, we have a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities around us.”

Kayaking the Oconee River

If someone is only in Milledgeville for the day, what is something they HAVE to check out?

“A little biased here, but I would say one of the cool things to do is take a half-day trip on the Oconee River. It’s a neat experience and we’re sitting on a hidden gem here where the Oconee River is one that pretty much anyone can do. My son did his first kayak trip with us at 8 months old and we’ve had customers in their 80s who have never been in a kayak before. It’s very easy and approachable, and with a half-day trip, you’re still basically in town the whole time but you get a bit of a wilderness experience.”

Metropolis beer

What is your favorite local restaurant?

“I’m gonna have to go with Metropolis. We like “the Trop.” It’s a diverse selection of food. For me in particular, my wife is a vegetarian and while every place in town has something that she can eat, Metropolis has probably the best selection. And I’m a beer guy, and they generally have a great selection of beer on tap. With this time of year too, it’s a good place to hang out on the back deck and we’re just glad it’s right down the block.”

Describe Milledgeville in one word…

Homey. It’s that place that very quickly feels like home and the local community is welcoming. You hear a lot about hospitality, and Milledgeville takes that even a step further.”

What is your Blackbird order?

“The medium to dark roast of the day... and lots of it. Just black. And the occasional cinnamon roll.”

Old Capitol Building

What’s one thing you think a visitor should know about Milledgeville?

“I think the historical significance is important to know, and I do think a lot of our visitors already know that. But we’re seeing more and more traffic who might not know that. Being the old capital of the state and having those historic sites around is pretty cool and something that we need to keep promoting for sure.”

oconee greenway

Where do you feel most at peace in Milledgeville?

“There are lots of places. On a bike, on the trail or on the road, on the water, kayaking or paddle boarding. With a small group of friends. There’s a good family vibe around here. Being an outsider, I have no ties or family around here, but over the years I’ve built up a group of friends who feel like family. Sure, there’s lots of places I’d love to go on vacation, but I’m happy to be here and there’s nowhere else I want to be right now than Milledgeville.”