Article originally appeared on Only in Your State, by Marisa Roman

A lot of focus has been put on tiny towns in Georgia lately, and with good reason. Those are the towns that are quaint and small, where everyone knows your name and greets you with a smile. However, there are some cities in Georgia that aren’t too small, but they aren’t necessarily big either—and they deserve recognition all on their own. Maybe the town is too big that you don’t know the last name and heritage of everyone you come across, but there is still a camaraderie that should be honored. Here are the cities that Goldie Locks would absolutely love, with a population between 10,000 and 20,000 residents, not big, but not too small…

1. Chamblee, Georgia – Population 15,9481. Chamblee, Georgia – Population 15,948

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Are you ready for some shopping? Specifically, antique shopping. Chamblee, Georgia is actually the largest area in the South for antiques, which means that there are tons of charming shops where you can find vintage goods to fit any type of budget.

2. Norcross, Georgia – Population 16,1312. Norcross, Georgia – Population 16,131

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Here’s a fun fact for you: Norcross was named after the former Atlanta Mayor Jonathan Norcross. Besides that little trivia tidbit, Norcross is an awesomely charming town, where you can wander about the downtown square for hours of entertainment.

3. Suwanee, Georgia – Population 17,6883. Suwanee, Georgia – Population 17,688

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This city is simply beautiful. It’s an award-winning town, perfect to take your family and spend the day, whether you’re gathering for a festival across from city hall, or running through the fountain cooling off from the summer sun.

4. Fayetteville, Georgia – Population 16,3704. Fayetteville, Georgia – Population 16,370

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This small city was originally developed for more commercial use, such as cotton plantations and agricultural areas. Now, you can spend the entire day wandering about the city, stopping at the old Courthouse built in 1825, as well as visiting the third largest amusement park in the state, Fun Junction USA.

5. Milledgeville, Georgia – Population 19,2565. Milledgeville, Georgia – Population 19,256

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This adorable Southern town has a wonderfully eclectic mix of activities for anybody visiting for the day, or even the weekend. There are quite a few antique shops that you can get lost in, or even a few historic architectural gems peppered throughout the city to admire. After all, Milledgeville is the Antebellum Capital of Georgia.

6. Conyers, Georgia – Population 15,6186. Conyers, Georgia – Population 15,618

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Just a mere 24 miles outside of Atlanta, you’ll find the beautiful town of Conyers. Not only does this town have an important historical significance for this great state (said to have survived Sherman’s March to the Sea) a few notable names came out of this town, such as actresses Dakota and Elle Fanning as well as MLB pitcher Billy Buckner.

7. Perry, Georgia – Population 14,9267. Perry, Georgia – Population 14,926

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In 1822, twenty families had settled the city now known as Perry, Georgia, with cabins and businesses in hopes to create a town to call home. Now, the city is thriving with things to do, like visiting all the specialty shops downtown, or gathering together at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.

8. Snellville, Georgia – Population 19,2458. Snellville, Georgia – Population 19,245

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Sperling’s Best Places has listed Snellville as one of the best places to live in the state. Why? Because although the population is small, the unemployment rate as well as the cost of living falls below the U.S. average. But did we mention the old school beauty, as well?

9. Villa Rica, Georgia – Population 14,4529. Villa Rica, Georgia – Population 14,452

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Villa Rica, Georgia is a small city that features a very tight-knit residential population. You can tell just by observing their beautifully maintained downtown area, with a variety of mom & pop shops as well as restaurants. If you’re just visiting for the day, make sure you check out the Pine Mountain Gold Museum for some gold panning history.

10. Powder Springs – Population 14,41110. Powder Springs – Population 14,411

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Ahh, simple living at its finest. The history behind this small town includes incorporation around 1838, as well as some gold being mined near Lost Mountain. It was originally named Springville, due to the seven springs in the area, yet changed its name a little later on.

11. Winder, Georgia – Population 14,67911. Winder, Georgia – Population 14,679

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If you’re looking for a small city where you can get out and stretch your legs, then Winder would be it. The hidden gem of this town is Fort Yargo State Park, which features more than 250 acres of wooded reserve, plus a swimming beach, perfect for camping, hiking, and canoeing your little heart out.

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