(Milledgeville, GA) December 11, 2015 – Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, President of Georgia Military College (GMC) and Kennesaw State University President Dr. Daniel S. Papp signed an articulation agreement on December 10, to allow GMC graduates with associate of arts or associate of science degrees, guaranteed admission to Kennesaw State upon meeting minimum admissions requirements. This agreement allows associate degree credits earned at GMC to transfer toward completion of baccalaureate degrees at Kennesaw State.  This provides GMC students a seamless transition in order to continue their education. 

“GMC is a liberal arts-based, two-year college. Many of our students go on to pursue baccalaureate degrees at four-year colleges and universities, and our cadet program is a feeder program to both West Point and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. GMC has an annual enrollment of over 12,000 students at eleven campuses throughout the state and online.” Lt. Gen. Caldwell noted. “Kennesaw State offers a wonderful opportunity for our students to further their education.”

"Expanding educational opportunities through agreements such as this helps students realize their academic goals at Kennesaw State," said KSU President Dr. Daniel S. Papp. "We look forward to working with the Georgia Military College and their graduates as we work together towards creating a more educated Georgia." 

The articulation agreement is consistent with Gov. Nathan Deal’s Complete College Georgia initiative designed to provide an improved educational pipeline from high school through college graduation. 

GMC holds articulation agreements with 41 colleges and universities, 35 of which are guaranteed admission agreements.




By:  Janeen Garpow (478-445-0206) and Jay Bentley (478-387-0060)