Atlanta Mom highlights Lockerly Arboretum in a round-up of Botanical Gardens In and Around Atlanta.

"Now that it is spring, there are so many beautiful blooms in Georgia. While we all may not have green thumbs, there are some great places to take the family to enjoy an array of beautiful flowers without having to plant them yourself. Take a day trip or a weekend getaway to visit some of these gardens in around Atlanta."

An adventure at Lockerly Arboretum is the perfect place for your mini-mes to let out some steam. Located a few miles outside downtown Milledgeville, Lockerly Arboretum has shady spots to enjoy picnics with your family, nature trails meant for budding explorers, and if the kids are really quiet, you’ll even come across some native wildlife. A stop in the Woods Museum is a must for the kids. The Woods Museum features a reptile exhibit, an enormous cross-cut slab of a 300-year-old Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress) as well as a comprehensive permanent exhibit showcasing 13 hardwood trees.

So whether you grab your favorite picnic basket and comfy sneakers or some binoculars and bug nets, Lockerly Arboretum is a lovely way for you and your family to spend an afternoon while in Milledgeville.  

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Founded in 1965, by Mr. E. J. Grassmann, Lockerly Arboretum boasts 50 acres of gardens,...

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The Woods Museum is located in a former tenant house on the property of Lockerly...