The first full week of May is annually recognized as National Travel and Tourism Week, a tradition first celebrated in 1984, established by a Congressional joint resolution passed in 1983.
The U.S. travel community has collectively marked the event in a number of creative ways, from staging local rallies and conducting media outreach to securing proclamations and resolutions from local legislative bodies. Each year, localized events are presented in cities, states and travel businesses nationwide to champion the power of travel.
"Travel and tourism is one of the most reliable generators of jobs at all levels of the American economy, including right here in Milledgeville. We aim to show the powerful role of travel in this community," says Linda Bailey, Office Manager of the Milledgeville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

To celebrate travel and tourism, the Milledgeville CVB will be offering free historic trolley tours to visitors May 4 - 10, 2015. The trolley tour runs at 10am, Monday - Friday and at 11:00 am on Saturday. The tours are first come, first serve and only run once daily.

Travel and tourism is one of America's largest industries Generated $2.1 trillion in economic output in 2014, with $927.9 billion spent directly by domestic and international travelers. Directly generated $141.5 billion in tax revenue for local, state and federal governments. Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.5 billion a day. Each U.S. household would pay $1,147 MORE IN TAXES without the tax revenue generated by the travel industry.
Tourist activity in Baldwin County generated $58.83 million in direct tourist spending and produced $13.01 million in worker income & paychecks. Each Baldwin County household pays $205.00 less in local and state taxes due to direct tourism expenditures. Travel and tourism has brought in over $2.27 million in Georgia State tax revenue for Milledgeville, Baldwin County.

"Today, we stand up for travel," said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, the umbrella organization representing the U.S. travel industry. "Travel is one of the country's biggest employers with more than 10 million Americans depending on this industry for their paychecks. Everyday travel powers our economy in cities and states across the country."

Studies from U.S. Travel Association show tourism continued to grow in 2014. Direct travel spending in the U.S. by domestic and international travelers totaled $644.9 billion in 2014.

"In these times more than ever, everything we can do to support our travel and tourism industry helps Milledgeville," said Linda Bailey. "It is vital that we continue to remember the value of encouraging travel to our great destination and showing visitors all that it has to offer."