Good day,


Testimonial from a recent visitor turned tourist to Milledgeville. 

"This last Tuesday I spent the day in Milledgeville at a meeting. Following the meeting I a saw the sites and decided to try to find a book about the local area. This particular book was “But For The Grace of God”. None of the local book store had a copy, therefore I stopped by the visitors centers and she spent the next 30 minutes calling around and was able to find me a copy of the book. I have lived in the Southeast for many years and felt as though the term “southern hospitality” had died. The last holdout (per my experience) was Athens, GA. Now I can say that if one wishes to experience true southern hospitality, go to Milledgeville – thank you (book stores, visitor center, Anna at the local library) for such a pleasant day in your town."

Dr. Felzien