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Glen Mary Plantation

  • 7342 Linton Road
    Sparta, GA 31087



Glen Mary's hilltop site is a clear reference to the fourth century B.C. Athenian Acropolis, the Parthenon at its summit. Compare the accompanying photographs of Glen Mary with a modern photograph of the Parthenon. Architectural historians view Glen Mary as a particularly fine example of Greek Revival "raised cottage". Architectural historian John Linley submits that Glen Mary's designation "raised cottage" belies its size and dignity suggesting a grander form. Yet it well illustrates the culmination of the development from vernacular to classic architecture with precise proportions, full entablature, flat roof and Greek detail. Indeed, Glen Mary remains the only surviving high Greek Revival "raised cottage" plantation house in the United States situated on a portion of the original cotton plantation lands. Site condition: excellent - well maintained - beautiful exterior and landscaping