Dungeons & Daiquiris

  • 125 S Wayne St.
    Milledgeville, GA 31061



Dungeons & Daiquiris is a gaming tavern with full food and drink menu in downtown Milledgeville. The restaurant hosts various game nights, including tabletop and card games, as well as console games and trivia. They also offer live music twice a month on Saturday evenings and dance lessons once a month on Thursday and Saturday nights. Guests can enjoy custom daiquiris from a frozen beverage machine, blended smoothies of fresh ingredients, entree sandwiches on a bagel or texas toast, crepes, sweets, and more small bites. Wednesday: 11AM-2PM;5PM-1PM (Themed Game Night 8-10pm) Thursday: 11AM-2PM; 5PM-2:30AM (Music Bingo 8pm) Friday: 11AM-2PM; 5PM-2:30AM (Themed Karaoke 9-11pm) Saturday: 11AM-2PM; 5PM-2:30AM



Themed Game Night

Jun 19, 2024