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Dance in the Spirit

  • 2930 Heritage PL NE Suite 1
    Milledgeville, GA 31061



Drop-ins are welcome at Dance in the Spirit, LLC! Dance in the Spirit, LLC, home to Ballet Milledgeville, is a spiritually focused dance company offering classical ballet and liturgical/praise/spiritual dance instruction and performance opportunities. They follow a traditional line of classical ballet that provides the best preparation for anyone who wants to dance and they focus on building on a foundation of excellence. They offer courses in fall, spring and summer terms with classes limited to ten dancers in each. Classes are taught and supervised by Dr. Carla Walter who focuses on precision in technique and the spiritual and artistic development of each dancer. She has over 30 years of experience to ensure a successful class for every student. Dance in the Spirit, LLC offers a wide range of classes with 11 academy programs and 9 adult programs. They host a variety of Classical Ballet programs for different age groups for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They also offer other courses including Pointe classes for different age groups and levels, and Praise/Liturgical/Spiritual classes for different age groups and levels. Pointe classes are designed to teach pointe techniques and develop strength which includes moving from ball of the foot elevation in classical ballet to the tip of the toe positions in pointe. Praise/Liturgical/Spiritual courses offer an understanding of one’s relationship with God and to exhibit the spiritual qualities of dedication to such a pathway. Students may enroll in this course after completing beginners classical ballet. Adults are also offered Simply Stretch and Sacred Dance Meditation classes. In Simply Stretch classes, they teach different stretches that focus on each of the major muscle groups, from the neck to the toe. In the Sacred Dance Meditation classes, dancers learn choreography from sacred indigenous populations from around the world while praying and setting intentions.