Ever wanted to wander through Memory Hill Cemetery? Now you can with their self guided walking tour and new smartphone walking tour! Step into the pavilion at the entrance and pick up a map to the cemetery or visit, http://walk.friendsofcems.org to download the smartphone tour. Who knows what you’ll discover!

IMG_4875Stepping onto this property won’t give you any types of spooky chills, but rather will spark the historian inside of you. As soon as you grab a map provided for the Memory Hill walking tour, get ready to explore the historical resting place of many of your favorite Milledgevillians. Memory Hill Cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places and contains many diverse individuals, both Milledgeville locals and non-locals. Since Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia from 1807-1868, a lot of history resides in Memory Hill. Some of the more notable names include famous author Flannery O’Connor, Charles Herty, UGA’s first football coach, former Georgia Congressman Carl Vinson, various former Georgia College presidents and even civil war soldiers! Also of historical significance are the large number of slave graves and graves of patients who were once at Milledgeville’s “Lunatic Asylum,” at one time the largest such asylum in the world. IMG_4903

There is also a very diverse plant life in Memory Hill Cemetery that many may not know about! Red and deodar cedars, sugar berries, pines, oaks and magnolias line the sidewalks and shelter the graves from the harsh elements that sometimes occur in Milledgeville. The plants also serve as natural memories of years passed and also offer a colorful backdrop to what is usually a mundane area. Many of the large trees that surround the perimeter of the cemetery were planted in memory of loved ones by their family members. For example, the brother of Mr. Carl Vinson is memorialized by an evergreen tree planted by his mother. Many science and botany classes at surrounding Milledgeville schools teach lessons at Memory Hill to show students the vast plant life that grows here. IMG_4910

The Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries has been a huge help to Memory Hill over the years and recently repaired fences surrounding the property. They help repair cemetery plots that fall into disarray and trim bushes around plots as well. They also do minor upkeep around Memory Hill and make sure it is ready for tourists and visitors to walk around and enjoy! For more information on the cemetery visit:http://www.friendsofcems.org/memoryhill/default1.htm


Please note: Walking After Midnight is the title of this post, not a recommendation as the cemetery does closed at sunset.