Wondering what to do when the rain starts pouring down in Milledgeville? Grab your umbrella and take a peek at our list of fun activities that you can do and still stay dry!

Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion

  1. Tour the Old Governor’s Mansion: The Old Governor’s Mansion is a great spot to take cover when the rain starts falling! With beautiful pieces of history and outstanding architecture, you might just spend your whole day in here! For more details visit: http://www.gcsu.edu/mansion
  2. Milly the Trolley: What better way to see Milledgeville than on our well-loved trolley tour! You can stay dry and still see all of the sights and learn about the history of our quaint little city. To read about the tour visit: http://www.visitmilledgeville.org/listings/historic-trolley-tour/41721/
  3. Blackbird CoffeeSip coffee at Blackbird in downtown Milledgeville: Stay warm and try Milledgeville’s finest coffee at Blackbird Coffee! Whether vanilla lattes are your thing or maybe you like your coffee black, you’ll find something you love here! For hours visit: https://www.facebook.com/Blackbird-Coffee
  4. Read a book in the Mary Vinson Library: Overflowing with countless books on Milledgeville’s history, historical figures and even just fun reads, the Mary Vinson Memorial Library is a cozy place to curl up with a book. For hours of operation and any other questions you may need answered visit: http://tllsga.org
  5. Take an art class at Allen’s Market: Allied Arts, a local art troupe, uses Allen’s Market to showcase artist’s work as well as teach anyone from beginners to experts. Allen’s Market is a beautiful old building that holds a lot of history inside the four walls. For more information on Allied Arts visit: http://www.milledgevillealliedarts.com
  6. Shop for a new outfit at Jack and Milly or the French Vill’edge: Two cute boutiques sit tucked into Milledgeville’s downtown area and are the perfect spot for a new outfit for you or a gift to bring back from Milledgeville! For more information visit: https://facebook.com/jackandmillymilledgeville/?fref=ts and https://www.facebook.com/french.villedge?fref=ts
  7. Lick an ice-cream cone at SweeTreats: Milledgeville’s newest ice-cream shop has taken this little town by storm! Mix and match your favorite ice-cream or yogurt with your favorite toppings or choose from their recommended flavors! Check it out for yourself here: https://www.facebook.com/SweeTreats-1404601799847855/?fref=ts
  8. The Market CollectiveGo antiquing at the Market Collective: 
    Milledgeville is home to some great antiques and antique shops. One of our favorites is The Market Collective located in downtown Milledgeville which offers everything from wedding supplies to handmade flannel shirts! For store hours visit: https://www.facebook.com/The-Market-Collective-205233749670862/?fref=ts
  9. Visit Georgia College’s Natural History Museum: You definitely don’t want to miss this museum! Focuses on strengthening the impact that science has on education and the general public, the Natural History Museum is a great place to go and explore when the weather gets rainy! For tour information visit: http://www.gcsu.edu/nhm
  10. Wander through the Old Capital Museum and surrounding properties: Venture over to Georgia Military College’s campus and see what Milledgeville is all about! The Old Capital Museum is a great resource for historical information and it’s surrounded by the beautiful architecture of Georgia Military College. For tour information visit: http://oldcapitalmuseum.org