11400966_10206203704318927_7000026822166317538_n-3Hi everyone! Rocko here. I’m a two-year-old rescue pup from right here in Milledgeville! My mom asked me to write about how I spend most of my days around town and show off some of my favorite spots. Whether it’s splashing in the Oconee River, playing with my pals at the dog park or getting a “paw”dicure, I have a lot of fun in this quaint, little town of Milledgeville.

IMG_0055Front Campus:
My mom takes me for walks around Georgia College’s beautiful front campus most mornings! There’s a lot of shady spots for me to relax in and I love having all the humans rub my tummy. There’s also a big fountain on Georgia College’s campus that the students gather around to chat and catch up with one another. I always hope my mom will let me take a swim in it, but she always pulls me away too fast!



Some days, my mom takes me to the spa at PetSense to get pampered. This place is the best! They give me treats, scratch my belly and clip my nails when they get too long. My favorite aisles are rawhide/bone aisle and toy aisle! They even have some cats up for adoption that are looking for new loving homes. I would definitely recommend this pet store to all of my furry friends (and they give you a treat for the road if you’re a good girl or boy!)

Oconee River Greenway:IMG_0050

My favorite place in the whole wide world! Nestled along the quiet Oconee River, the Greenway is home to miles of walking trails and a two-sided dog park. My friends and I love to roam around and play with each other in this puppy paradise! I also like to run around the trails and sniff out all the animals that have been there before me. Recently, two GIANT water buckets have been donated to the dog park by local college students so puppies can play all day and not get dehydrated. With shady tree areas around the dog park, this place is great for playing, relaxing and our moms and dads to catch up with each other.

IMG_0053Downtown Dining:

After I’m all tuckered out from the park, Mom usually likes to stop and grab a frozen margarita and a taco from Gringos in downtown Milledgeville. Gringos has outdoor seating so pups like me can sit outside and enjoy cold water while our owners fill their tummies. If pizza is more your style, hop on over to Amici for their outdoor seating. With special permission, you can also sit on the back deck of Metropolis with your pooch and enjoy yummy Greek and Indian cuisine. Of course, wherever we go, Mom always throws me a couple nibbles.

After a big day like this, I’m ready to take a nice, long snooze in my comfy bed. Being a pup in Milledgeville isn’t so hard after all!