Missed the trolley tour? Try something new! Getting your daily 10,000 steps and a lesson in history through Milledgeville’s Historic Walking Tour has never been easier. Whether you’re a longtime local or just passing through Milledgeville for the day, we encourage you to grab a map and your most comfortable shoes for a 3.55 mile walk through town!

The walking tour begins in our office, the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Convention Center and Visitors Bureau. We’ll give you a tour map to bring along for the walk that includes historical information about each site. You’ll pass through 44 historic sites, 12 of which are open to the general public. Most of these residences are private, however, so remember to be quiet and respectful!

Walking Tour

Stop 1: The Welcome Center

Open to the Public

Trolley at CVB

Stop 2: Old State Capitol 

Grounds are open to the Public

Old Capitol Building

Stop 3: Memory Hill Cemetery

Open to the Public

Memory Hill Cemetery

Stop 4: Flagg Chapel

Flagg Chapel

Credit: http://milledgevillegeorgia.blogspot.com/2010/05/flagg-chapel-baptist-church.html

Stop 5: Sallie Ellis Davis House

Open to the Public

Sallie-Ellis Davis House

Stop 6: Major Edward White House

Major Edward White House

Stop 7: Blount-Parks-Mara-Williams House

Blount-Parks-Mara-Williams House

Stop 8: Newell-Watts House

Newell Watts House

Stop 9: Sanford-Powell-Binion-Mara-Hogg-Mims-Thorton-Simms House

Sanford-Powell-Binion-Mara-Hogg-Mims-Thorton-Simms House

Stop 10: Cline-O’Conner-Florencourt House

Cline-O’Conner-Florencourt House

Stop 11: Stovall-Conn-Gardner House “Thirteen Columns”

13 Column Home

Stop 12: McComb-Hollomon-Waddell House

McComb-Hollomon-Waddell House

Stop 13: St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Trolley at St Stephens Episcopal Church

Stop 14: Williams-Ferguson-Lewis-Oliver House “The Homestead”

Williams-Ferguson-Lewis-Oliver House “The Homestead”

Credit: https://vanishingnorthgeorgia.com/2014/11/10/the-homestead-1818-milledgeville/

Stop 15: Orme-Sallee House

Orme-Sallee House

Credit: https://vanishingnorthgeorgia.com/2014/11/10/orme-sallee-house-circa-1822-milledgeville/

Stop 16: Bearden-Montegomery-Gormly House

Bearden-Montegomery-Gormly House

Credit: https://vanishingnorthgeorgia.com/2014/11/10/bearden-montgomery-house-1899-milledgeville/

Stop 17: Alling-Bethune-Combs House

Alling-Bethune-Combs House

Stop 18: Myrick-Jenkins-Harris

Myrick Jenkins Harris House

Stop 19: Alton House “Buena Vista”

Alton House “Buena Vista”

Credit: https://oldgeorgiahomes.com/2017/03/milledgeville-beautiful-old-homes-part-2/

Stop 20: Fraley-Sessions-Lawrence-Harrington-Sheppard House

Fraley-Sessions-Lawrence-Harrington-Sheppard House

Credit: By Blastoids - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52174528

Stop 21: Paine-Jones House

Paine-Jones House

Credit: By Blastoids - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52174528

Stop 22: Bell-Martin House

Bell-Martin House

Stop 23: Brown-Stetson-Sanford House

Brown-Stetson-Sanford House

Stop 24: Gobert-Baston-Synder House

Gobert-Baston-Snyder House

Stop 25: Bone House

Bone House

Credit: https://gallery.gcsu.edu/Campus-Beauty/i-GZW2wWc

Stop 26: “The Old Parsonage”

The Old Parsonage House

Stop 27: Howard-Jarratt-Garrad-Baker House “The Cedars”

Howard-Jarratt-Garrad-Baker House “The Cedars”

Stop 28: Compton-Fowler-McKnight Cottage

Compton-Fowler-McKnight Cottage

Credit: https://vanishingnorthgeorgia.com/2014/11/10/compton-fowler-mcknight-cottage-circa-1815-milledgeville-2/

Stop 29: Roberts-Jones-Johnson/Thompson-Lorenz House “Antebellum Inn”

Open to the Public

Antebellum Inn

Stop 30: Beeson-Andrews Stewart House


Stop 31: Harris-Vinson-Snead House

Harris-Vinson-Snead House Carl Vinson

Stop 32: Flannery O’Connor Room

Reopening on the Georgia College campus late November 2018. 

Stop 33: John Marlor Arts Center

Open to the public. 

John Marlor Arts Center

Stop 34: Allen’s Market Building


Stop 35: Flemister-Roberts-Littleton-Hobbs House

Flemister Roberts Littleton Hobbs House

Stop 36: Case-Flemister-Woods-Pelton House

Case Flemister Woods Pelton House

Stop 37: Breedlove-Scott-Tate-Thompson House

Breedlove House

Stop 38: Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Open to the Public

Sacred heart church

Credit: http://www.sacredheartmilledgeville.org/

Stop 39: Masonic Hall

Masonic Hall

Credit: https://www.benevolent3.com/

Stop 40: Old Baldwin County Courthouse

Old Courthouse at Christmas

Stop 41: Atkinson Hall

Open to the Public

Atkinson Hall Georgia College

Credit: http://www.gcsu.edu/facilities

Stop 42: Wooten-Garner House

Open to the Public

Wooten Garner House

Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125122378@N05/15445779007

Stop 43: Old Governor’s Mansion

Open to the Public

Old Governors Mansion

Stop 44: Blackbridge Hall

Open to the Public

Blackbridge Hall Georgia College

Credit: http://www.gcsu.edu/hub