It’s Friday the 13th! Perhaps one of the best ways to celebrate this spooky day is to learn the history behind some of Milledgeville’s haunted buildings. Today, we will look into one of the most historic haunted homes, the Walker-Breedlove-Scott-Tate House.

Photo courtesy of C. Smith on Flickr.

The hauntings began at 201 N. Jefferson St. while Sam Walker, aka “the meanest man in Georgia,” occupied the home with his family. His son, Joe, returned home from school at Mercer University in Macon with typhoid, and Walker dismissed this illness as a character flaw. Three days later, after not being taken seriously by his own father, Joe collapsed and fell down the stairs to his death. Unfortunately, Walker’s wife and niece also passed within the next week. Since these three deaths occurred in the home, residents have experienced chilling, haunted experiences which we would love to spook you with this Friday the 13th.

The Stairs

Several former residents of the Walker-Breedlove-Scott-Tate house claim to have experienced unusual sounds resonating from the stairs inside the home. Katherine Scott, a resident of the house who wrote an extensive story about its past, claimed to have frequently heard “a dull ‘thud’ such as the boy’s head might have made striking the step,” as if a ghost had been reenacting his death each night. Other residents claimed to have heard laughing or footsteps on the stairs in the nighttime.

Strange Figures

A former neighbor to the Walker-Breedlove-Scott-Tate home once claimed that when he let his dog outside around 2:00 a.m., a woman dressed up in old-timey clothes appeared from the bushes, then quickly vanished. Other residents, such as Katherine, have claimed to have seen dark, formless figures appearing in the doorways throughout the house.

The Northwest Bedroom  

Once the rooms in the home were transformed into apartment-style rooms, former Union Recorder reporter Matt Tanner chose to live in the Northwest Bedroom. On his first night in his new place, the closet light flicked on by itself, and each following night he heard laughter and footsteps on the stairs. However, he never saw anything when he went to investigate.

Shattered Glass

In addition to frequently hearing loud thuds on the stairs, Katherine experienced some of her possessions being broken, as if a burglar had intruded. She would hear loud crashes on the staircase, then awaken to see items such as family portraits or framed prized possessions just shattered to pieces on the floor.

Stories adapted from Weird Georgia (Jim Miles, Mark Sceurman) and Haunted Central Georgia (Jim Miles).