While you may think that Milledgeville is just a small town in the middle of Georgia, we have had a lot of great, talented people come out of here. From writers, athletes, scientists and even an actor, we’ve seen it all!

Flannery O'Connor
Flannery O’ Connor:
 Sitting in your high school English class, you might not remember “A Good Man is Hard to Find” or “Wise Blood,” but the name Flannery definitely stuck out. Milledgeville is the proud home of Flannery O’Connor, with daily tours of her farm, Andalusia. She attended Georgia State College for Women (now Georgia College and State University) and graduated in 1945 with a Social Sciences degree. Six years later, after being diagnosed Lupus, she returned to her ancestral home of Andalusia where she settled down for the rest of lifetime. She produced many stories while residing in Andalusia and also became fascinated by bird breeds. She raised many different types of birds while living on Andalusia, like peacocks, emus, toucans and ducks. In 1964, at the age of 39, O’ Connor passed away at the Baldwin County Hospital and was buried at Memory Hill Cemetery in Milledgeville.

Want to learn more about Flannery O’Connor, her farm, Andalusia, is open or tours and they would love to see you! Learn more at, http://andalusiafarm.org/

leroy hill
Leroy Hill:
 Currently a free agent in the NFL, Leroy Hill grew up in Milledgeville and played football for the Baldwin High School Braves. He went on to play football for Clemson University, and in 2005 was drafted in the NFL Draft to the Seattle Seahawks. Hill was also named to the Pro Bowl that year, but was unable to play due to an ankle injury. He became a free agent in 2009, but was signed back to the Seahawks that same year. He left the Seahawks in 2012, and is currently a free agent. He currently boasts 511 sacks in his career as well as 20 sacks. And to think, it all started here in Milledgeville!

Charles Herty
Charles Holmes Herty:
 Praised as a scientist, scholar and businessman, Charles Holmes Herty gives many scientists a run for their money! Herty was born in Milledgeville, GA in 1867 and it’s rumored that he was born on the front campus of Georgia College and State University. He attended the University of Georgia and one of the original founders of the well-renowned University of Georgia football team. He was the original Faculty Director of Athletics at the University of Georgia, and even had the stadium named after him until it was renamed to Sanford Stadium. He graduated in 1886 with a Bachelor of Philosophy, and continued his studies at John Hopkins University where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry. If you take a tour of the beautiful Georgia College and State University, you’ll notice that the main Science building is named Herty Hall. And it’s not a coincidence. Due to his extreme offerings to the scientific field, Charles Holmes Herty has the building dedicated in his name. Herty passed away in 1938 in Savannah, and his remains now rest in the Memory Hill Cemetery in Milledgeville.

joel godard
Joel Godard:
 While the name might not stick out at first, think back to the voice of one of your favorite late night television shows. That’s right; Godard was the voice of Late Night with Conan O’Brien during its entire 16-year run (1993-2012). Born in Milledgeville in 1938, Godard attended Emory University where he earned his A.B. with a double major in Chemistry and pre-med. Can’t get enough of this man’s voice? You can catch him every Thanksgiving Day, since he is the official voice of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (and has been since 2000)! Now you can think about Milledgeville when you’re chowing down on turkey and stuffing!

Let us know what other famous names you know from Milledgeville and a little bit of background!