From hand painted murals to stunning forest backdrops, Milledgeville’s southern charm is teeming with all sorts of social media worthy spots. If you’re looking for a picturesque place to snap some cute pics with your friends, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 10 Instagrammable spots in Milly to keep your feed fresh and the “likes” comin! 

1. Coca-Cola Mural 


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This iconic mural, located downtown Milledgeville, has been a city staple as long as we can remember. Over the years, this 1940’s classic style mural has remained almost identical to its original form. How cool is that! If you need an iconic Milly photo for your page or want to show your love for Coca-Cola, this must be your first stop––the bright red is sure to make your feed pop!

2. Bartram Forest


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If you are going for more of a nature shot, head to Bartram Forest for some stunning shots amidst the trees, wildflowers and the glistening pond. Show off the natural beauty of one of Milledgeville’s most well-kept parks by posing in front of their grove of pine trees. Take a hike in the open air and you will be sure to find little hidden forest treasures, like their freshwater creek and lush meadows. Your followers will be left speechless, wanting to know where you took such a gorgeous portrait!

3. Sunset Fields

Warm tones of pink, orange, and yellow will stop your followers in their tracks while you pose during golden hour at Sunset Fields. Located at the Baldwin County Soccer Complex, this spot sits at the highest point in Milledgeville. It is a fan favorite spot that captures the wispy evening beauty of a sunset. Bring a cute blanket for some candid picnic photos with your friends while you enjoy the gorgeous green landscape and setting sun!

4. Lake Sinclair

Sparkling water, soft sand, trees, sunsets, cookouts and friends make Lake Sinclair one of the most picturesque places in town. Take photos with some family or friends on the beaches or docks and capture summer memories you’ll never forget. Whether you post these photos or keep them to yourself, they will warm your heart for years to come.

5. Georgia College Cupola & Fountain

Founded in 1889, Georgia College & State University is home to stunning Neoclassical architecture, towering columns, and majestic fountains. The cupola is a popular place for pictures, as it highlights both the history and trademark logo of Georgia College itself. Bubbling water and mist spraying through the air creates a perfect picture with your friends at the fountain. For years graduates flock to this treasured spot to capture the celebration of their graduation! 

6. Bollywood Tacos 

Bollywood Tacos doubles as a tasty low-budget lunch location and a social media hotspot. After finishing your to-die-for tacos, take a photo in front of their hand-painted mural inspired by Indian, Latin, and Spanish cultures. With vibrant colors and wild patterns, this mural serves as a perfect eye-catching Instagram background sure to liven up your feed. 

7. Deep Roots Wall 

The Deep Roots wall is perfect for music lovers. Artists like Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Judah and the Lion, and Allen Stone played their hearts out in front of this wall during the Deep Roots Festival. If you’re an up and coming musician or just love music, visit this vibrant spot downtown to show your dedication to the best festival in Middle Georgia and the skilled musicians who perform.    

8. The Depot 


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Ask anyone who has ever been in Greek Life at Georgia College, and they will tell you the Depot has the best lighting in Milly. The old train depot now serves as Georgia College’s transportation office and has beautiful brick walls and wooden walkways that make for excellent portrait shots. If you’re looking for a rustic, Southern charm vibe, this is the spot for you!

9. Lockerly Arboretum


Lockerly Arboretum has a beautiful balance of old and new. A historic home with blooming bushes surrounds this natural oasis just outside of downtown Milledgeville. Stand among towering columns or pose in front of the elegant colossal home. A wonderful bridge connects to a little island in the middle of a pond and makes for a dreamy photo. Stop to smell the dozens of flowers located in the Arboretum and if you are feeling brave, take a pic at the reptile exhibit with one of their snakes! 

10. Oconee River Greenway 

Our last “Most Instagrammable” spot is the Oconee River Greenway located just outside of downtown. The rushing waters, greenery, trails and the sandy banks all come together to create an idyllic background for shoots.