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The Sanford House in Milledgeville
Gracie Childers
Gracie Childers

Gracie is a junior at GCSU studying Mass Comm and French. She loves traveling (especially to Disney Parks), reading, watching movies, and singing along to Broadway musical soundtracks. When she’s not at Walt Disney World, she can usually be found driving around town in her red Mini Cooper. You can find her on Instagram @gracefullydisney.

4 Ways to Make a Difference for Local Businesses

If you’re like us, it’s hard to sit on the sidelines these days without wanting to contribute and find ways to make a difference (beyond staying at home!) for the special places you love. From our new kids on the block to our iconic long-time businesses, our locally-owned business community needs…

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Milledgeville’s Can’t-Miss Dishes

Milledgeville is known for grand Antebellum homes lining the streets, a bright red trolley tour of Civil War history, and spending the day in the warm waters of Lake Sinclair. But once you have arrived, we will let you in on a secret… our food scene is ripe for discovery. We’re here to tell you…

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Top 5 Plates at The Local Yolkal

The Local Yolkal Cafe was recently named to Explore Georgia’s Top 100 Plates of 2019! Every year, Explore Georgia releases their list of the best dishes all over the state and we are thrilled that Local Yolkal made this year’s cut! The restaurant’s Eggs Benedict (which comes in SEVEN different…

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Milledgeville History Makers: John Marlor

If you’ve walked the streets of Milledgeville, chances are you’ve noticed some of the gorgeous homes and buildings we have. Maybe you’ve done our historic walking tour and taken a moment to appreciate the architecture in the town. But, did you know that we have an entire style of architecture named…

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