The Sanford House in Milledgeville
ava leone
Ava Leone

Ava is a junior at GCSU studying Mass Communication and English. She loves learning about her Italian heritage, taking part in volunteer work (mainly with the school newspaper, the Colonnade), and educating herself on the social, cultural, and environmental issues in India. In her free time, you can find her enjoying a classic book, singing, walking pups, making vintage scrapbooks, or spending quality time with her pals. 

6 Fantastic Ways to Get Outside in Milledgeville, GA

Need a breath of fresh air? Overly accustomed to the four walls in your house? We’ve got the perfect hiking spots to fulfill your active cravings! Grab some hiking boots (or a good pair of sneakers) and get outside to one of Milledgeville’s six most popular outdoor destinations. From scenic walking…

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8 Great Things to do in Milly this Spring

As the brisk days fade and blossoms are coaxed to life, Milledgeville welcome’s its most beautiful season - spring. From picnics in the park to strolling the historic district to outdoor adventures and leisurely explorations, our spring season is blossoming with things to see and do around the…

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