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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

Taking Shots in Milly. A Behind the Scenes Look

From espresso to tequila to the professional Nikon, the Milledgeville CVB team had the opportunity to go out and about in downtown Milledgeville and take some beautiful photography shots! While the photos won’t be ready for a little bit, here is a sneak peak of what’s to come and some laughable…

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Milledgevile's Oasis, Lockerly Arboretum

Birds chirping, water rippling and wildlife scurrying about: all sounds that overwhelm your ears as soon as you step onto the property of Lockerly. Entering this arboretum feels like you’re leaving Milledgeville and entering into a tranquil paradise. Lockerly is one of the best kept secrets of…

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Best BBQ in Milledgeville

BBQ: a southern staple. Not to mention the mac and cheese, fried okra, collards, coleslaw and beans that come with. And with so many restaurants offering these tasty flavors, we have highlighted some of the local favorites. 1. BBQ Sandwich with Sweet Barbeque Sauce- Georgia Bob’s: Located in the…

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Milledgeville: A Talented Folks City

While you may think that Milledgeville is just a small town in the middle of Georgia, we have had a lot of great, talented people come out of here. From writers, athletes, scientists and even an actor, we’ve seen it all! Flannery O’ Connor: Sitting in your high school English class, you might not…

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