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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

Summer Camps in Milledgeville

SUMMER CAMPS IN MILLEDGEVILLE Looking to get the kids out of the house for a little bit this summer? Maybe they are looking for more than the neighborhood pool daily? Below are three of Milledgeville's amazing summer camp programs. And if you can share of another great experience for the kiddos this…

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A Little Slice of Milly

Whether you fold it in half or use a fork and knife, enjoy it piled high with toppings or simple with cheese, pizza is an American favorite. Milledgeville offers a delicious selection of greasy or fresh or spicy pizzas for the tasting. The Brick Step into this newly renovated restaurant and you're…

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There is always something going on in Milly, from artist workshops and author lecture series, to a jazz concert and farmers market. Yet, there are three, mark-your-calendar, once-a-year, must-see festivals. You have missed out on one which has happened for 2015 already. (Don't be too sad, there is…

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Sip Through Milledgeville

SIP THROUGH MILLEDGEVILLE A trip to Milledgeville is not complete without a little downtown fun! Whether you want to dance the night away at Capital City dance hall, or sip margaritas at Gringo's, there's always something fun going on. We know everyone is always looking to taste on a budget though…

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How to Spend a Weekend Meeting Milledgeville

How to Spend a Weekend Meeting Milledgeville We invite you to come Meet Milledgeville! There are definitely some must-sees, whether you're adventurous and outdoorsy or a history buff with an appetite, Milledgeville has something for you. A Saturday Morning Support (while tasting) the Local Community…

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