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The Sanford House in Milledgeville

Rock this Way

Wondering where the best places in Milledgeville are to rest those weary feet? Look no further. Whether you want to unwind with a good book, chat with the locals or just sit back and soak in some of Milledgeville's beautiful history; our porches are a force to be reckoned with. The Antebellum Inn:…

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The Dog Days of Milledgeville

Fido is welcome in Milledgeville as the people of Milledgeville take their pets very seriously. Students can be seen lounging on Georgia College's campus, locals walk their dogs around the downtown areas, and many places in Milledgeville cater to pets and their needs. Milledgeville is unique in the…

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The Bird is the Word

Blackbird Coffee is not your ordinary small town coffee shop. Located on Milledgeville's Main Street, this shop is constantly pouring, dripping and roasting coffee. The regular customers of this quaint café have just as much of a passion for coffee as the baristas. When you first walk in, you are…

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