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Plan an Old West-themed trip in Georgia with cowboys, canyons, stagecoach inns and even a gold rush or two!

No need to purchase a plane ticket to visit the Old West, Georgia has canyons, outlaws, stagecoach inns, cowboys and even a gold rush or two. Here are 10 places to experience the Wild West in Georgia.

Aubri Lane's Restaurant, Milledgeville

Reserve a table in the bank vault for a romantic dinner at Aubri Lane's in Milledgeville.

You can't visit the Old West without a bank heist. Aubri Lane’s Restaurant in Milledgeville was once the Milledgeville Banking Company. The original hammered tin ceiling and bank vault have been incorporated into the restaurant design. Aubri Lane's has been featured in Georgia's "100 Plates Locals Love," and their crispy calamari is a favorite with locals and tourists. Diners can even enjoy a delicious chef-inspired classic Southern meal in the old bank vault. However, we do suggest you go ahead and pay.


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