While Downtown Milledgeville is home to a variety of unique restaurants with flavorful recipes and friendly staff, The Tavern Downstairs provides the area with something new and different.

Operating in the building that originally housed Chops Underground, The Tavern Downstairs has been serving tapas and cocktails since March 2018. Their claim to fame is an abundant menu full of tapas - small, elegant appetizer-like plates, which can be shared amongst friends or kept all for yourself. The list of tapas is broken down into two sections: COLD and HOT (ISH). Here are a few of our favorites from each section.


The Tavern’s Tuna Poke is light, fresh and flavorful. With raw tuna, pickled red onions, brown rice and seaweed pieces, this dish delivers the essence of sushi in a deconstructed way. Something safer yet just as delicious is the trio with Roasted Peanut Hummus, Traditional Hummus, and Tzatziki Sauce. With crunchy flatbread for dipping, each of these creamy dips are blended to perfection with the freshest ingredients.


One of the most elegant tapas on The Tavern’s menu are the Duck Confit Tacos. The rich, marinated duck and caramelized onions make for a delicious flavor combination. An honorable mention is the chicken and spinach-stuffed portabella. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese, this hot (ish) tapa is filling enough to serve as your whole meal. To opt for something more simple yet just as tasty, try the Warm Pretzel with a savory Pimento Cheese dipping sauce.


If you’re still not full after tasting each of these tapas, order one of The Tavern’s elaborate entrees. A few crowd favorites are the rich and creamy Lobster Mac & Cheese and the berry-glazed Pecan Encrusted Chicken Breast. The Tavern also offers excellent burgers and ribs along with premium steaks for all you meat lovers out there.


Unlike the other restaurants of Downtown Milledgeville, The Tavern Downstairs does not have a draft list. However, Tavern carries all of your favorite domestic beers along with a diverse wine and cocktail list. There is a beverage for everyone in your party to enjoy!

Fun fact: The Tavern Downstairs shares ownership with Jackson’s On Sinclair! So if you like what Jackson’s has to offer, come try out the elegance of The Tavern Downstairs.

“We own two restaurants and honestly, we put a fierce focus on really good, fresh, quality food items at both of our establishments.”

Come Downstairs to enjoy some tapas, cocktails and live music this weekend!

All photos courtesy of The Tavern Downstairs.