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June 10, 2011

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The Sanford House Re-Visited

Event:  Celebration of 45th anniversary of relocation of historic 1825 Brown-Stetson-Sanford House and beginning of historic preservation movement in Milledgeville.    

What:  In the spring of 1966, the rallying cry of "Save the Sanford House" was heard throughout Milledgeville.  The historic 1825 inn and family home, known as the Sanford House, located on North Wilkinson Street was to be demolished to make way for a parking lot.  The Sanford family was willing to donate the house to The Old Capital Historical Society, but the Society had to raise the funds to relocate the house.  Society members went into action, and soon people of all ages and walks of life as well as local businesses were involved in the race to save the old house from the bulldozers.  With the last deadline looming, finally on June 29, 1966 the Grand Old Lady was loaded and moved 4 blocks west to its new location on the corner of Hancock and Jackson Streets.

Georgia's Old Capital Museum Society, which currently owns and operates the house as a "Home Museum," celebrates this achievement each June with a Relocation Anniversary Party.  "This year marks the 45th anniversary of the relocation of the Brown Stetson-Sanford House and the beginning of the preservation movement in Milledgeville, " notes Amy Wright, Executive Director of GOCMS.  "We are urging people to attend the gala, see the work accomplished on the house over the past year, and support the Museum Society's efforts to preserve the history embodied in this architectural gem."

Members of the Museum Society are sponsoring "The Sanford House Re-Visited," on Friday, June 24, 4-6 PM, featuring food made from the Sanford House Tea Room recipes, including Flannery O'Connor's favorite Peppermint Chiffon Pie.  Guests will have an opportunity to see the completed renovation of the Parlor and Music Room, hear the new audio tour, view an exhibit of photographs and articles from the 1966 relocation, and see recently acquired pieces throughout the house.   Tickets ($25 each) for "The Sanford House Re-Visited" are on sale at Georgia's Old Capital Museum (478-453-1803), J.C. Grant Jewelry Co., the Milledgeville Baldwin Co. Chamber of Commerce, and the Milledgeville Baldwin Co. Convention & Visitors' Bureau.  Proceeds from this event will fund the Museum Society's portion of a recent $8700 match grant for 3 new HVAC systems provided by the Georgia Department of Economic Development Tourism Product Division.

Where:  The Brown-Stetson-Sanford House, 601 W. Hancock St., corner of W. Hancock and Jackson Streets.

When:  Friday, June 24th, 4-6 PM

Why:  Georgia's Old Capital Museum continues to serve the community with educational programs and events that promote its mission to identify, preserve, and communicate the historic and cultural heritage of Milledgeville and the Oconee River Basin area.