Most Haunted Places in Georgia
By Kaley Lefevre

Halloween may not be your favorite holiday. In fact, you may even despise it. You may hate the children dressed as things they're not, yelling "give me candy!" (Yet somehow disguised as the good ol' "trick or treat" line), you may despise even more the parents who participate in such foolishness. However, despite how much or how little you like Halloween, everyone loves a good ghost story. And what's better than a ghost story that takes place in your very own home?

Before you continue reading, please beware that the following spooky stories may induce serious curiosity and wander about some of Georgia's well-known towns. These alleged ghost stories have been passed down and repeated over decades, and are just listed below by means of informing those unaware. Please know that I am not claiming any other stories as myths, or these stories as the only possible reasons as to why these locations evoke such an unsettling atmosphere about them. But, ‘tis the season for some great ghost stories, so if you're intrigued and not fazed by the potential threats of the afterlife, please enjoy.


The Central State Hospital, located in Milledgeville Georgia was previously known as the Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum, the State Asylum for the Insane, and then the Georgia State Sanitarium. The eerie building still stands today as the largest mental health institution in the United States.

When it first opened, in 1842, the sparse physicians were welcoming to any and all patients with several misunderstood diseases into their psychiatric home. Due to the popularity and density of Milledgeville during this time, overpopulation of the hospital demanded an expansion of construction for account for the seemingly infinite number of beds. By 1872, the hospital included a ratio of 112 patients per a singly physician - meaning the understandable decrease in patient care. The patient population overwhelmed the hospital staff so incredibly that the physicians and nurses would neglect structural maintenance and even some of their patients in false hopes of attending to each patient equally. The building became dilapidated due to mistreatment, weather, and enraged patients - some purposefully destroying the site in hopes of grasping the attention they so desired.

It shouldn't surprise anyone to know that there are up to 25,000 patients buried on the 1,000 acre site. Some patients are still said to be waiting for their revenge - upset and enraged of their mistreatment during their stay at the esteemed Lunatic Asylum.

The Asylum itself still stands today, decaying and haunting any who dare to come close. Access to the deserted buildings is monitored for safety reasons. Several reports of voices, strange sightings and occurrences revolve around the spooky ground - especially the empty grounds where the deceased patients lie. Some local folks of Milledgeville have put together a haunted tour that takes place on Halloween that focuses partially on the history and possible paranormal activity that surrounds this spine-chilling site.