Low-profile natural gems

Georgia's little-known public gardens are full of surprises 

Story and Photos by Bob Kelley

 For the best "timeout" in Georgia, one often doesn't have to look any further than the nearest public garden, and the state has its fair share of these natural treasures with well-known names such as Callaway, Barnsley and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

But, unknown to many, three lesser-known gardens can be found two hours or less from Atlanta.  Beyond the well-manicured beds of sylvan beauty and thoughtfully crafted trails and waterfalls, each garden offers remarkable details that turn an afternoon drive in the country into a discovery providing inspiration for personal landscaping.

Collectively, they offer nearly 200 acres of themed gardens, networks of secluded hiking paths, small lakes and pavilions... pretty much the stuff of any typical public garden.  Yet each one harbors unique features that set it apart from other comparable garden spots.

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