November 28, 2011....The film industry in Georgia is booming with over 250 films and television shows shot locally in just the last year alone. Two local tourism entities are hoping to jump headfirst into this market by showcasing their unique locations in The Next Cool Event 2012.  Partnering with Little Bucket Productions, Georgia's Historic Heartland Travel Association and the Milledgeville Convention & Visitors Bureau are going to show the film industry the hidden gems that have just been waiting to be discovered.  

Milledgeville, known as "Georgia's Antebellum Capital," was the capital city during the Civil War and still maintains much of that history and charm. The historic downtown boasts of antebellum homes, museums, art galleries, quaint shops and local eateries. Also located within the city limits is Central State Hospital, which was at one time the world's largest mental facility.  Walking through the historic buildings and viewing the elaborate architecture is like stepping back in time. The town is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the only city to require a train to stop at a red light!  

Milledgeville has chosen the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou" for their theme in order to highlight the history and culture that is still in place over 200 years later. Within the booth LBP will be creating a jail cell for photo opportunities, the interior of a train station and other pieces with the look and feel of this movie.

Georgia's Historic Heartland is a 19 county region that includes Athens on the top end, over to Conyers, down through Madison and Macon then all the way down south to Perry. Filled with breathtaking natural vistas, eclectic trails, botanical gardens, and a vibrant music scene, the Historic Heartland certainly makes a location scout's job easier. With some cities located less than an hour from the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, the TV and film industry have been taking advantage of the Heartland's offerings for many years. Yet this region is ripe for discovery and ready to show off what they have!

The Historic Heartland decided to go with the iconic movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" as it was actually shot within region. LBP will recreate the inside of the Whistle Stop Café, as well as include a large diorama of the Heartland to give attendees a true sense of the region and all of its amenities.  

Little Bucket Productions is a creative collaboration between Lisa Duncan of Art By Archen, Jay and Alan Marsh of Legendary Designs, and Rip Potter of Rip Potter Design Studio.
Offering a full range of design and execution of sets for plays, movies, and events, LBP specializes in taking the ordinary location and transforming it into your imagination's biggest desires. Whether you need a spaceship interior, a Victorian Parlor, the inside of a tree or a wrecked city, these guys are your go-to team.  

Duncan has earned the nickname "The MacGyver of Crafts" for her ability to creatively solve problems and the Marsh's are fabricators extraordinaire. They can transform ordinary household items into time machines, create elaborate event spaces and paint fire that looks real. Potter, an architectural designer and furniture craftsman, has designed well known Atlanta locations such as the Whimble store and several nightclubs including the Limelight.

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