Milledgeville, Georgia: founded in the year 1803 to be named after then Georgia governor John Milledge, to also be the capital of the state. The antebellum city would serve in this role from 1804 until 1868. It’s also one of the prettiest cities I’ve spent time in. Their downtown is cute and fits in seamlessly with the campus of Georgia State College & University. I’m often curious why I never looked at GCSU, as it’s abbreviated, for college. But be that as it may, I still enjoy visiting the town. And for this Girl Meets City, I brought my mother along for the trip.


To start out, there’s two choices that I would recommend for lodging in Milledgeville: the Antebellum Inn & the SoHo Lofts. The Milledgeville Convention & Visitors Bureau first directed me to them. The only question is, do you want to stay in a more modern place or in something with a little bit more of a traditional feeling? In fact, they are also owned by the same company so you know either way you’ll be well taken care of!


the New Orleans Loft from

the New Orleans Loft from

the New Orleans Loft

the New Orleans Loft


the Judges Suite from the

the Judges Suite from the

from the

from the


For breakfast, I’m already a big fan of the Local Yolkal. I first visited them when writing a piece for the Macon Telegraph some years ago, and knew I needed to return. They have an expansive breakfast menu with things like French Toast, Belgian Waffles, all kinds of omelette options and so many different kinds of Eggs Benedict. Oh my gosh all the different Eggs Benedict! My choice was the Beauregard: ” Southern style- fresh buttermilk biscuit topped with sausage patty, 2 eggs cooked to order, and topped with homemade sausage gravy”.


I have to confess: I forgot to take a photo, so I had to pull a photo of their Eggs Benedict from their website. But trust me, it was damn good. Mom and I shared these, only because I knew there was more food to come throughout the day.




We got to the Milledgeville Convention and Visitors Bureau just a little too late to hop on their Old Historic Trolley Tours. Which makes me kind of sad, but luckily Milly – as some call Milledgeville- is a quick and easy 45 minute ride from Macon.


” A drive through the landmark historic district includes rotating visits to the Old State Capitol, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Lockerly Hall, and the Brown-Stetson-Sanford House. The trolley tour is available Monday – Friday at 10 AM and on Saturday at 11 AM.”

photo from the Milledgeville CVB website

photo from the Milledgeville CVB website


We ended up with a little bit more time to kill than I planned for so we took a walk around downtown. I think it’s really interesting that in some places the sidewalks are higher than the road, and there are these iron railings and benches. It just provides for that small town slow down kind of feeling and I love it. There are also these lovely planters with flowers everywhere. It’s little touches like that which can make a downtown urban area feel just lovely.


We also came across some really interesting older homes, one that stood out to me is one that must have been altered at some point. I’m not sure if it started out as Greek Revival and then Victorian was added on or vice versa. Or if it’s newer construction made to look old. I’d love to know:




Surely this house has a story as well:




And then there’s also the Old Capital Building on the campus of Georgia Military College:


FullSizeRender 3

” This building is considered the first example of Gothic architecture in a public building in the United States. It served as the seat of government for the State of Georgia from 1807 to 1868. In its legislative chambers the Secession Convention was held in 1861. Featured on the National Register of Historic Places. Added in the 1830’s, the north and south wings were designed by architects Smart and Lane.” –


After all that walking it was time for, you might have guessed it: coffee. If you’ve ever followed any of my posts – here or on social media- you know multiple coffee stops are needed. Time for coffee round two! Blackbird Coffee is a necessary trip in Milledgeville.




Upon walking in I spoke with Bailey, who is their coffee roaster. She was super helpful with Mom & I, talking us through the different coffees and such. Mom got a white mocha, which she loved, and I couldn’t make up my mind and got a Chai Tea Latte. Both were amazing.




I also loved seeing that they have beer, wine, and Mimosas! Along with a great food selection. But I’ll admit I said out loud “oh! beer and wine!” and Bailey said they’ve served wine at 9 am before so no judgement. While I considered a mimosa for a hot minute, I figured the chai was still the best way to go.

Bailey also told me they roast their own coffee there, which is very, very cool in my book.



and it's good beer, too!

and it’s good beer, too!


Next we walked up the way to see if Ryal’s Bakery was still open. I had gone there on one of my last foodie trips to Milly and knew they had awesome petit fours and smiley face cookies.


Turns out, they are still in business- just not open on the day we went. But glad to see they’re still around!







Shopping has to be atop! Originally named Jack & Darcy, Jack & Milly is one place I know I can go to in Milledgeville to find clothing not just for me but for all the guys I know, too. I’ve made many purchases from them over the years.




I also knew I could count on the ladies here to give me the low down on which of the two downtown salons I could count on:Hairbar or Charmed Beauty Spa? I was told Charmed is *the* place to get your eyebrows waxed, and that they carry Bare Minerals makeup. Hairbar is the best spot for pedicures. So noted. You can always count on the girls in the cute boutiques to let you know where to go!



And then I was starving. I thought I would check out The Brick: a longtime Milledgeville staple which is also expanding to Macon soon- and will be a walk away from my home once it opens. I had avoided it before because everyone talks about The Brick as being *the* spot in Milledgeville and I always had the impression it was touristy.


Perhaps it was because the students were out for break but color me wrong. This was not a tourist trap at all. I also felt a little at home, coming in and seeing a music poster from the Cox Capitol Theatre in my own Macon in the foyer, and then more prints- including one I own also!- from Macon artist Jason Frost.




I enjoyed the care to detail, like what appeared to be reclaimed wood booths, stringed lights, and large tv’s in multiple spots.  Makes me hopeful for what the Macon location will be like.


As for food, Mom and I each ordered a slide of pizza: she was more adventurous than I was, getting a slide of California BLT: alfredo sauce, bacon, tomato, artichokes, and mozzarella. I went basic bitch and got a pepperoni. I thought about the taco pizza, but wasn’t feeling so adventurous.





After lunch I was feeling tired but still had a hankering for something sweet, so I made sure to stop off in SweeTreats for what they might have available. Turns out they’ve got all kinds of ice cream and pound cakes and cookies. Mom and I got a cookie each: peanut butter and chocolate chip. It was exactly what each of us needed.






For dinner I’ve always been told Aubri Lane’s is the place to go… and on Tuesdays they have the raid the cellar night! Sadly, I didn’t go up on a Tuesday. (Yes, I know what I did there.) Even sadder, I wasn’t able to stay for dinner this time. But with menu items like a chili rubbed NY Strip Oscar Steak, pan seared scallops with mushroom risotto- and that’s just the specials listed on their most recent email blast! I can’t wait to get back up there.


from Aubri Lane's email blast

from Aubri Lane’s email blast


They’ve also got a great First Friday music events in Milledgeville! Now, I wasn’t able to make it to Buffington’s but I’ve seen many a band I know and like come through and say they’re playing there. So even if there’s a heavy college crowd I would say it’s worth it to catch some great music.


So, when was the last time you made it to Milledgeville? I’d say it’s high time you head over there and check it out. Even I didn’t get to see everything in just a day, just imagine how much more I could have found with the time. Get in the car, take a drive, and enjoy a classic Southern city that’s just a little slower in pace- but still filled with fun.


Love to all y’all,



AUTHOR: Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins (aka Make It Work Molly) is the Digital Content Editor and Social Media Guru for Raycom Media's new website: The Southern Weekend. She is also a freelance writer who has been published in a variety of publications and online magazines including Bourbon & Boots, Paste Magazine, Macon Magazine and more. Mommy first, fashionista, social media maven, writer, artist, dreamer and poet. Addicted to shoes and purses- and lots of coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.