Milledgeville prides itself on our yummy, eclectic dining, and we are excited to see one of our very own, Aubri Lane's, being state-wide and nationally recognized! Congratulations!

Crispy Calamari

Aubri Lane's Crispy Calamari was awarded the "100 Plates That Locals Love" distinction by Georgia Department of Economic Development's Tourism division (GDEcD) as part of its "100 Plates that Locals Love" which is featured in the state's new culinary guide, Georgia Eats.

Described as "southern contemporary, with a southern twist" by owner, Jason Medders, Aubri Lane's is a one-of a kind restaurant in the heart of Downtown Milledgeville. Medders is thrilled to be included, "I'm excited that Aubri Lanes won and its makes you feel good knowing that people are enjoying the food you create. I've had the calamari on the menu since we first opened, and it's been one of the dishes that has never been changed. I've had customers who have traveled all over the world come back and tell me that this calamari is the best they've ever tasted. At the end of the day, restauranteurs do what we do because of the customer, and it's a great feeling to have won this award."

Known for many yummy dishes, their Crispy Calamari dish is a crowd pleaser. It is no wonder that it ending up on the state's "100 Plates That Locals Love". Not sure what to expect when diving into this yummy dish? Get ready for calamari drizzled in Vidalia onion aioli, surrounded by banana peppers and dipped in sweet hot dipping sauce and sriracha. This dish will give you a little kick, while also treating your fishy fancy. It is like a 'firework' of flavors exploded in your mouth!

Ready for your next course? Aubri Lanes has you covered with just about every type of southern dish you could think of. Maybe BBQ Shrimp and Grits seem to be a little more of your style. They're also known for their famous Pimento cheese, served with yummy veggies and crispy baguettes. And finally, after you've downed enough calamari, pimento cheese and grits your stomach can handle, dive into their bread pudding. You don't want to miss it, that's for sure!

Aubri LanesNamed after owner Jason Medders two children, Aubri Lane's is a unique place in all aspects. The building, from 1884-to the mid 1940's, was Milledgeville banking company and even now contains the large vault used as a wine cellar. The hammered tin ceiling is original to the building as well, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Both the ceiling and the vault are registered on the National Registry List! With a great atmosphere, yummy food, and now a state-wide and nationally recognized list, Aubri Lane's is a must stop during your stay in Milledgeville!

"It's Georgia's outstanding local restaurants that truly showcase the state's rich flavors that locals and visitors love," said Kevin Langston, deputy commissioner for tourism at the Georgia Department of Economic Development. "Each dish on our list of "100 Plates that Locals Love" epitomize Georgia's culinary scene with locally made and grown ingredients. These are the best of the best in Georgia and we can't wait to share them with our visitors."

The Georgia Department of Economic Development Tourism Division is celebrating the state's culinary greatness this year. One of the initiatives selected is the dishes that make our state's food unique, inspiring, and just plain good eatin'! As a part of this designation, each restaurant is featured in the Georgia Eats official culinary guide, which is being distributed by the 11 Visitor Information Centers statewide; on the state's consumer tourism website; and on's 14 social media channels.


The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) plans, manages and mobilizes state resources to attract new business investment to Georgia, drive the expansion of existing industry and small business, locate new markets for Georgia products, inspire tourists to visit Georgia and promote the state as a top destination for arts events and film, music and digital entertainment projects.

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